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Freelance beer and travel journalist

Hello, and welcome to my portfolio.
I'm a freelance writer and editor based in Brooklyn, New York.
Bylines: Men's Journal; Brokelyn; Ale Street News; Craft Beer & Brewing; Civil Eats; Rally; Thrillist; Village Voice; & others.
Specialties & Interests: Beer & brewing; small & independent business; travel & tourism; food waste & sustainability; and video production.
Freelance inquiries: catwolinskiwrites [at] gmail [dot] com
Blog inquiries: beeraffair [at] gmail [dot] com

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Inside the World of YouTube Beer Reviewers
As the world's second largest search engine after Google, which owns it, and the third most visited site on the Internet, after Google and Facebook, YouTube attracts billions of...
Cheers to This: Beer That's Good for the Climate
Long Root Ale, a pale ale hitting the market today from Patagonia Provisions and Hopworks Urban Brewery, is sustainably brewed and made with organic ingredients, but that's not...
Is Farm-to-Pint Beer Doomed?
Call it farm-to-table, field-to-pint, or ground-to-glass, the craft beer community is embracing the culinary world's locavore movement. Through initiatives at some of the...
5 Beers From Across the Nation That Are Redefining Local
There are 4,000 small and independent craft breweries operating across the country and they all sell their beer locally. But a select group of breweries are taking the term...
The Rise of the Beer Web Series
Vol. 24 - No. 6 12.15- 01.16
How Farmers and Brewers Are Bringing Local Hops Back to New York
Last month, at the VIP dinner preceding Brewery Ommegang's annual summer festival, employees, volunteers, and attendees toasted the launch of a brand new beer: Hopstate NY. The...


Staycation destination: Long Island City, Queens
Let's face it: Unless you're a teacher, student, or unemployed, there's really no such thing as summer vacation. The downside of this is you worked all summer with no R&R to...
Beercation: Brooklyn, New York
Brooklyn's beer scene is new. The borough, on the western tip of Long Island (across the East River from Manhattan), is one of five that make up New York City, but its culture...
Finding America's Best Bars With 'Booze Traveler' Star Jack Maxwell
As host of the television show Booze Traveler now entering its fourth season on the Travel Channel, Jack Maxwell has traipsed the globe taking part in drinking customs of...
Travelocity and American Distilling Institute Reveal Top Spots for Craft Spirits Tourism
Following the Beer Tourism Index created in collaboration with the Brewers Association (BA) last fall, Travelocity has now released the Craft Spirits Tourism Index, a craft...
BrewDog Raises $60K in 24 hours for 'The DogHouse' Craft Beer Hotel
If a malted barley massage or hop-infused face mask sounds pretty good to you right now, keep reading - and if it doesn't, we suggest you keep reading anyway.
Charleston Beer Week: Must-Sees, Must-Dos, Must-Drinks
As one of America's oldest cities, Charleston offers an incredible mix of history, scenery, food, and-you guessed it-beer. Whether you're a local, an east coast traveler, or a...


NYC'S Must-Visit Beer Bars, Bottle Shops & Gastropubs - Ale Street News
By Cat Wolinski [email protected] With new breweries opening every few months and can releases happening every day of the week, New York City's beer bars are oft overlooked...
10 American Saisons to Drink Right Now
Made-up beer holidays are dumb. Saisons are not. Here are some you should be drinking.
The 101 Best Beers in America
Our team of experts scoured the country to find the most delicious ales and lagers in all 50 states.
Queens beer guide: Explore the best craft beers neighborhood by neighborhood
The Queens Bar Guide, accompanying the Queens Beer Book, brings you the best way to discover the exploding craft beer scene in Queens. Consider this as your explorer's guide to...
9 beer cocktails in Brooklyn you should be drinking right now
Beer. Cocktails. Combining the two almost seems crazy, but here at Brokelyn we're willing to experiment with ways to get a good buzz going. Turns out, when beer cocktails are...
11 Drinking Field Trips via NYC Public Transit
Your two-item summer bucket list: 1) get out of NYC 2) drink Check them off at THE SAME TIME with one of these 11 drinking field trips, all of which you can use public transit...


The Man Behind the Glass: Pete Lengyel, Brewer, Biologist, and Birder - Ale Street News
By Cat Wolinski If you step up to Bushwick, Brooklyn's Kings County Brewers Collective (better known to locals as KCBC), you'll immediately notice immense glass windows...
Beer Karma, Brooklyn's newest beer shop, in Grandma's house
How to open a beer bar/shop in Brooklyn: 1. Have a good job. 2. Quit that good job. 3. Drink as much beer as possible. 4. Know a good landlord. At least, that was the formula...
The Most Interesting Man in the World on the Pursuit of Love
Jonathan Goldsmith is an actor best known for his role as the "Most Interesting Man in the World," an advertising campaign character created by the Dos Equis beer company that...


Beer Book 12: Middle Brooklyn
SORRY, THE MIDDLE BROOKLYN BEER BOOK IS NOW SOLD OUT, but we have a limited supply of the Upper Brooklyn Beer Book Clear off your drinking calendars and crack open some new...
Beer Book 11: Upper Brooklyn
Clear off your drinking calendars and crack open some new pages in your book o' boozy adventures because the 2016 Beer Books are on sale right now! As Brokelyn readers know, we...
Queens Beer Book 2
The annual Queens Beer Book returns for the 2nd year, bringing the best way to discover the exploding craft beer scene in Queens. The limited-edition Queens Beer Book has been...


A Minoh Minute
A minute with Minoh Beer, famed women-owned craft brewery in Osaka, Japan.

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