Cassandra Tulecki

Journalism - print student

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I am a second-year journalism print student looking to get into the world of photojournalism. I have experience working at Conestoga College’s newspaper, Spoke. I really enjoy working as part of a group in a newsroom setting and also meeting new people every day for interviews for captivating stories. I have interpersonal group dynamics training including working as part of a team and problem solving. I can successfully work with programs such as Word, Photoshop, and InDesign and have proficient skills in videography, reporting and photography
Photography is one of my favourite hobbies and I hope as my career grows I can incorporate more of it into my work. My dream job would be to work for National Geographic. I would love to travel the world and write about ancient civilizations, hidden worlds, and different cultures. I enjoy travelling. I'm hoping to work that into my career as well, I've already seen most of the Canada, and I would love the chance to expand my horizons. Any job position that could expand my knowledge on video editing, column writing, hard news writing, photography and online components of the media is what I am looking for.

Spoke Newspaper
Becoming an English conversation partner

This is one of my more recent stories. I was inspired to let other students on campus know about how they could get involved as well. I had very thorough interviews.

Spoke Newspaper
Remembrance Day

This is the exact copy of my story I handed in for the school newspaper. I covered an advancer on Remembrance Day, it was an inspiring/emotional experience.

Time to butt out on campus

This was a video story I did focused on smoking on campus, I liked being able to focus on a topic I have a lot of knowledge about. I produced and uploaded the entire video myself.

Giving the gift of life

I was particularly proud of the piece I did on Conestoga College's blood clinic. It ended up running on the front page of the newspaper and had one of my better photos.

Massage therapy offered at Doon

I set up and interviewed my subjects in a professional manner which allowed me to get better responses and in turn a better story. I inform students of massage opportunities.

A collection of my work

This is a link to Conestoga College's online presence for the newspaper. It shows all of the work I have done this semester both video and print.

Photography Around the World

This is my professional blog I use to critic and review photography as it is one of my passions and I look forward to improving my skills through journalism positions.

Cassandra Tulecki | LinkedIn

This is my Linkedin account where you can view my academic and professional careers. It also shows what my interests are in the journalism profession.