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I go by the name of Cassandra Jeffery and I hail from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada; however, I've lived in several different Canadian cities, as well as Mannheim, Germany. I have a passion for sharing truth, I have a love for the written word, and I live for exciting, new challenges.

Love to travel, eat, read, drink wine, and explore. I have a fascination with telling stories and I often find myself immersed in different cultures and actively listening to different perspectives.

Started McMaster University as a young, naive pup, but came out the other side with academic honours and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication studies and English Literature.

I am adept in social media, as well as both online and print journalism. I'm a big dreamer and I'm always looking for exciting opportunities that will further my career as a journalist.

Kelowna Now
Nicola Valley Protesters Tired of Standstill for Biosolid Dumping Solution

Although locked in a bureaucratic standstill and frustrated with the lack of government initiative, local First Nations and community representatives will continue to protest the dumping of biosolid sludge in the Nicola Valley. It's been well over half a year since protesters took matters into their own hands, preventing trucks carrying sewage waste from the lower mainland and the Okanagan from entering the Nicola Valley.

Kelowna Now
Internationally Acclaimed Pianist and Violinist Captivates Audience in Kelowna

The audience was absolutely mesmerized on Friday evening, as internationally acclaimed pianist and violinist took to the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra (OSO) stage right here in Kelowna. Jonathan Chan, a 24-year-old double threat, commanded the attention of the packed room with his passion and his simply captivating talent.

Kelowna Now
Okanagan Women Making Headway In The World of Sailing

Women are making waves in today's male dominated sailing world, but there are still a few knots yet left to travel. "Women only came into Olympic sailing in 1988, and then after that it really was boasted up," said Skipper Gillian Hayward.

Kelowna Now
Accused in Fatal Hammer Attack Found Not Guilty

Complex and circumstantial, the main question surrounding Conor Grossmith's act of murder was not whether or not he committed the act, but rather which primary debilitating factor inevitably led to the murder of his mother, Kathleen Gilchrist.

Kelowna Now
Aboriginal Education will Benefit the Entire Community

Surviving a residential school meant shutting off your emotions, said Chief Byron Louis from the Okanagan Indian Band, because the tragedy was real and the demons were condemning. It's been just over a decade since the last residential school was closed in Canada, but wounds inflicted from these colonial institutions of the recent past continue to bleed and seep into the fabric of our society.

Kelowna Now
Potential UBCO Program Suspension Throws Wrench in Students' Future

Smack dab in the middle of exam season, the future of some UBC Okanagan students is left hanging in the balance. On Friday, December 4th, third year arts student Christy Nettleton received an email from the University's education department informing her that the program she had applied to for the coming academic year has been suspended.

Kelowna Now
Hilarious Videos Explain Why You Shouldn't Say,

A couple of fun videos that will make you think, but before that, a little bit of context. Unfortunately, it seems as though stereotypes and common misconceptions are taken for truth more often than not.

Kelowna Now
911 Call Reveals Details in Trial of Fatal Hammer Attack

The atmosphere was sullen and the energy was dismal during court proceedings Monday morning as Crown Councillor, Frank Dubenski, read aloud the tragic and traumatic events that unfolded on the night of September 13th, 2012. At approximately 9 p.m.

Kelowna Now
From Sniper to Civilian: the Obstacles Military Personnel Face When Leaving Service

Donating to Canada's poppy fund will go a long way when it comes to supporting all of our veterans, specifically during the transition from military personnel to civilian. A r ecent survey conducted by one of Canada's national security providers, Commissionaires, found that a large percentage of Canadians believe that veterans have a difficult time finding work in the civilian world post-military service.

Kelowna Now
West Kelowna Vet Opens His Heart and His Wallet for Sick Puppies

An Okanagan veterinarian is being hailed an everyday hero after saving the lives of 10 adorable puppies, and paying for their medical bills out of his own pocket. Dr. Moshe Oz and his wife, Dr. Noa Oz, along with all of the dedicated staff at Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital, worked around the clock to help rehabilitate 10 very ill puppies.

Kelowna Now
Beliefs Collide in UBCO Discussion on the Meaning of Life

Bringing six individuals together from different backgrounds, diverse world perspectives, and contrasting beliefs may sometimes be a daunting and rather arduous endeavour, but Tuesday evening's seminar held at the University of British Columbia Okanagan campus proved that with mutual respect and an open mind, finding common ground is easier than one would believe.

Kelowna Now
Is Your Halloween Costume Racist?

All Hallows' Eve is fast approaching and kids are itching with excitement for an evening chock full of candy and trick or treating, while parents and adults are gearing up for costume parties, an evening of bloody punch, and some version of the Monster Mash.

Kelowna Now
Faces of Hunger In Kelowna | The Grim Reality of Food Insecurity In BC

"Hunger doesn't discriminate," said UBCO Contract Campus Health Research Coordinator and Registered Dietitian Casey Hamilton. Food insecurity can impact Canadians from all walks of life, posing a number of complex and unforeseen challenges for people across the country and right here in our community.