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Carolyn Gross

B2B SaaS Marketing

Location icon United States

I'm a motivated, strategic problem solver who has led the positioning for a number of diverse products in large and small, fast-growing B2B, High Tech, SaaS companies. I'm a storyteller who explains how to overcome challenges. As a forward-looking professional with a proven ability to turn technical concepts into concise, compelling copy, I focus on delivering revenue growth and maximizing market penetration. I'm a naturally inquisitive self-starter with strong written and verbal communication skills and the desire to learn and self-educate. My ability to adapt makes me an ideal candidate for any organization that fosters innovation and continuous improvement.

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PTC's Service Optimization Solution provides the perfect mix of technologies to reduce the cost of service and help accelerate the productivity and efficiency of service technicians. With advanced analytics and real-time visibility into the health of your products, you will know exactly what is wrong, why it went wrong, and ensure your technician has the right parts and procedures to fix the problem-sometimes before it happens.

Creo Illustrate

Create 3D technical illustrations, animated sequences, and 2D drawings at scale, and with speed

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