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producer, BrianLehrer.TV; assis't producer, Special Projects Unit, CUNY-TV; contributing editor, The Nation Institute's Investigative Fund. I'm a graduate of the City University of New York's Journalism School and the London School of Economics and formerly, deputy research editor of Glamour magazine.

Multi-Culti Children's Lit: Smart Picks to Expand Their World
The 1989 Central Park Jogger case: Could it happen today? / Hi-Priced Cell Calls
Apartheid-Lite: Fair Housing in the U.S. / Re-imagining African Art in U.S. Museums
Gun Control: Still Political Suicide / Racial Discrimination in NYC's Specialized High Schools?
Questioning Stop and Frisk: CUNY Profs Sway Public Debate
The polarized atmosphere in the city has been such that aiming a critical eye at the NYPD – even as a scholar – can feel like stepping into the gladiator’s ring.
Is Teach for America Working?
Well into its second decade of providing teachers to struggling schools across the country, is Teach for America still a good idea for our children?
Are there alternatives to stop-and-frisk?
Yesterday, thousands of people marched silently down Fifth Avenue from Harlem to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Upper East Side town house to call for an end to stop-and-frisk.
How to chill the independent journalist
Facing arrest without institutional backup
The New Freedom Riders
“Hell, yeah, I’m surprised that white people come out here fighting for us,” says Rivera, 24. Police, he says, stop him three or four times a week, and he now automatically...
Community Members Struggle With Stop and Frisk
Black is learning first-hand the challenge facing the city’s revitalized but fragmented police reform movement as it looks to influence the 2013 elections: mobilizing ordinary...
City Tech cafeteria deemed 'dirtiest in the borough', shut down
The health code violations at City Tech came after faculty, staff and students had complained to administration for the past year about the cafeteria’s problems: they say little...
I Was Arrested at Occupy Bronx—for Writing About It
Journalist Carla Murphy had planned to cover a small protest in the Bronx last Saturday and then head to brunch—but she went to jail instead.
More Low-Wage Workers Become Their Own Bosses
From California to Maine, over the last 15 years low-wage workers have steadily organized employee-owned small businesses. The trend counters a common perception that coops are...

Archived Selections

Wyclef's Mission Impossible
The Fugees star announced this week that he is running for president of Haiti. Carla Murphy looks at the challenges ahead, including corruption, hurricane season, and...
A Haitian mother opens up about her child’s repeat rapes in a camp
This past Friday, one of nine remaining tents in one of Port-au-Prince’s better camps went to a 33-year-old mother of five whose 10-year-old daughter had been raped and molested...
In Haiti, managing expectations by not naming them (opinion)
According to the media, not much is getting done. As compared to what? I have yet to read any document–media or NGO press release–that enumerates what exactly was supposed to...
With Government’s Help, Enterprising New Yorkers Seek Fortunes in Haiti
It remains to be seen whether and how effectively Haitian-American firms can compete for the more than $1 billion in aid pledged by the United States over the next decade.
Disorganised Diaspora on Fringe of Post-Quake Decisions the international community debates and pledges aid in the aftermath of the earthquake, many Haitians in the United States are feeling left out of the decision-making...
Racial justice only for the 'well connected'? blacks ask
Henry Louis Gates's run-in with the law was tame compared with other incidents, one says in an interview.
Obama calls for 'new mind-set' at NAACP's centennial
He emphasized the continuing need to close racial and ethnic disparities while also talking about personal responsibility.
Photo exhibit offers an intimate look at America's jazz ambassadors
Black jazz legends were sent abroad as part of a State Department diplomatic push even while segregation continued back home.
A grand reopening for Lady Liberty’s crown
An estimated 15,000 visitors endured two-hour waits Saturday to visit the Statue of Liberty – but under new rules only 240 got to climb to the crown.
Battle for Iran is online as much as on the streets
Web and social media are helping protesters, but government censors are catching up.
Challengers For the 36th CD Take Aim at Al Vann’s Seat
Considered a neighborhood institution by many, Vann has represented central Brooklyn, first as Assemblyman, for 34 years—just as long, or, longer than a couple of the other...
Girls' Sports Opportunities MIA in City Schools (part 2 of 2)
Some New York urban girls are benefiting from an advocate and coach who helped New York City public schools kick off double-dutch jump-rope competitions this month. But critics...
Urban Girls Jump Into the Title IX Gap (part 1 of 2)
Thirty-seven years after the passage of Title IX, urban girls of color lag behind the general surge in female sports. A double-dutch season starting this month in New York...
Essay: When a lethal crime hits home
I met my cousin, Jarrett, at his funeral. He was 23-years-old, two years younger than I.
Interview: Rolling Stone contributing editor, Touré
Touré [reports] a deeper story than the ring-kissing or dunce-capping of artists that often passes for entertainment journalism.
Interview: Egyptian journalist and feminist, Mona Eltahawy
Q: Is it lonely being The Only Progressive Muslim Female?

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