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Camille M.

Community Manager • Freelance Writer

Location icon United States

Community manager and writer by day, hobbyist illustrator by night. Formerly a content manager, and before that an English teacher in Japan. I received my B.A. in Comparative Literature and B.A. in Japanese from UC Berkeley. Though no longer teaching, I continue to channel my love for educating and inspiring readers, whether it is for online or print media.

I enjoy creating and my hobbies include writing, drawing, crafting, and casual translation. I also love Japanese and Korean entertainment (dramas, animation, music), cats, and puns.



Viki Qualified Contributors Newsletter
Viki Community - May 2019 Newsletter

Promotion of featured community users initiative, Mother's Day titles, and updated guidelines

Viki Help Center
How subtitles are created on Viki (FAQ)

Sample FAQ article - In 2017, all existing Subtitling Community-related FAQ articles were revamped and edited by me. See more FAQ articles here:

Brand Stories & Product Descriptions

Covered from Every Angle - Brand Story

Imagine driving from New York City to Los Angeles. Now imagine doing that four times – That’s more than 13,400 miles, which is the number of miles that the average American drives per year.

Maestro Cutlery
Bringing Two Together to Create Something Powerful - Brand Story

Natural resources paired with the entrepreneurial spirit of family businesses forged the German steel industry into the powerhouse that it is today. The power of twos inspired us to create our Volken Series German High Carbon Stainless Steel Knives.

Pamphlets & Catalogs

Allora Products
Allora Catalog 2017

Himalayan salt home décor catalog for ASD Las Vegas, Consumer Goods Trade Show 2017.

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