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Personal Development

Thought Catalog
24 Things Every 20-Something Should Pledge To Live By

1. Protect the hell out of your time. You are responsible to make time for what matters to you. Make sure you're spending them just the way you want it. When you do, I promise you will be flooded with fulfillment at the end of the day. 2. Do things intentionally.

Social Awareness

What is the best thing that has ever happened to you for being nice?

Calista Tee's answer: I've always noticed this elderly woman working in Yoshinoya 5 ft away from a booth where I worked. She didn't seem like the nicest person. She yelled at her colleagues for getting in her way when she's sweeping the floor. She wasn't the most gentle when it came to clearing d...

Giving Back with an Open Heart

Growing up in an extremely poor family, Steven Ng never had much. His uncle in China wanted to change that, buying him a PS2 with his entire month's salary. Steven never forgot this act of generosity, and 15 years later, paid him back.

Man Thought Act was 'Selfish,' but Changes Homeless Person's Life Forever

By Calista Tee Go Inspire Go Contributor Every time I look at this picture, I'm reminded to always finish what you started. Adam had always noticed Tarec strolling outside a Starbucks in Marin City, Calif. He frequently pondered whether to invite this homeless man to lunch, but always found an excuse not to.

Life Stories

What small thing can tell you a lot about a person?

Calista Tee's answer: Someone stole a few pairs of our shoes, including my dad's that were left outside of our home. The expected reaction from average people would be shock and anger, maybe enough to warrant an angry Facebook status. My dad, on the other hand, looked calm. He continued arrang...

What happened to you today that was completely unexpected?

Calista Tee's answer: I've met many software engineers in San Francisco, but never have I ever met someone who... engineered his own prosthetics. Meet Max. He's an adventurer, adaptive athlete, writer, speaker, and crossfit coach. After getting hit by a truck at the tender age of 8, Max suffere...

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