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Public and media relations, Social Media strategies, copywriting, advertising and promotion, creative concept development, video production, business development, and marketing research.



Rome, Your Link to Smarter Supply Chain Management
Copywriter: Cathy Lumb Designer: Nigel Gordijk
Product Tag - Descriptive sales copy by Cathy Lumb
Kissner Sales Brochure
Give your prospects an overview of your products and services with eye-catching visuals and useful information. Sample page from Kissner brochure. Design: Dave Dunford,...
Sales Brochure
By Mary C. Kenessey
Shaver Industries Sales Brochure
Engineers and production managers can refer to your brochure for details on specific parts and products, at Trade Shows and on your Web site. Sample page from 12-page brochure....
ARGO Sales Brochure
Effective selling copy and captivating visuals work together. Brochures let your prospects linger and imagine themselves using your product or service. Design: Ed Gubernat,...

Press Releases and Publicity

St. John Ambulance teams up with Victim Services in Kitchener and Waterloo
Waterloo Chronicle The sudden death of a factory worker on the job is what spurred St. John Ambulance to partner with Victim Services. Tony Lea, executive director of St. John...
St. John Ambulance, victim services team up
Waterloo Region Record WATERLOO REGION - To better support people in an emergency, St. John Ambulance of Kitchener-Waterloo and Victim Services of Waterloo Region are teaming...
Ed Whitlock is Inspiration Ambassador for 2013 Waterloo Marathon
KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 4, 2013) - The K-W St. John Ambulance is excited to announce that Ed Whitlock, octogenarian and world record-breaking track and...
Leanne Perreault joining Stratford Campus
The University of Waterloo Stratford Campus is delighted to announce that Leanne Perreault will be joining the executive team as Administrative Officer. Working closely with...
Plenty of Inspiration at 2016 Waterloo Marathon
News Release by Cathy Lumb, resulted in numerous stories in local, national and international media including Wall Street Journal and CTV National News.

Videos and Script Writing
Together we are possibility
Script: We do that

Articles and Blogs

Home Alone and Safe
Part of a Blog series promoting the many programs and services of St. John Ambulance in Kitchener-Waterloo
Peer into Charles Darwin's life at new ROM exhibit in Toronto
By Mary C. Kenessey
Toronto museum exhibits African- Canadian history
By Mary C. Kenessey
Step Up, Take Charge.. And Have Fun, Too!
St, John Ambulance MFR Public Awareness Campaign.
To the Bat Cave!
By Mary C. Kenessey
There's More Than Just Oil in Oemeta Drums
St. John Ambulance KW 75 Years
Blogs by Mary C. Kenessey. They say time flies. It has certainly flown by for our local branch of St. John Ambulance, which has spent the past 75 years working to enhance the...


Fachklinik am Kofel
English version of Fachklinik am Kofel im Gesundheitszentrum Oberammergau
The Event Film: Movies that move you
The Event Film captures the emotion, sights, and sounds of your event. We create short videos that make people say "I want to be there!" and "How can I be a part of...
Challenges - Profit Professionals
Unlock the hidden profits in overhead expenses.

Interactive Digital Games for Trade Shows

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