Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins


Ingrid is a poet/photographer based in Los Angeles.
Contact: [email protected]





Ablution by Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins (Paperback)

Love. The literal definition is, “an intense feeling of deep affection.” But, if you have ever been in love, you know it’s a bit more complicated than that. It’s a mix...


You Are Not Your Rape

In a time where the news tells tales of accused rape and those who speak out are ridiculed, sent death threats, shamed, made to feel unsafe... this project is all the more...


Issue 12: Paper and Ink Literary Zine - $3.00 GBP

PAPER AND INK LITERARY ZINE ISSUE 12 'GIRLS TO THE FRONT' All women Issue. Guest edited by Katie Doherty (Your Black Opium, 2017). Front cover by Lisa Rose Illustration....

Patchouli Press

Sunny Side Down: A Charles Bukowski Tribute

This is a tribute to the writer, poet, and literary hero - Charles Bukowski. It is a 40 page, black and white printed chapbook. Curated and edited...



Ingrid Calderon is a Salvadoran refugee residing in Historic Filipinotown. Her work has been featured in Leste Mag, Electric Cereal, ZO Magazine, Drunk Monkeys, velvet-tail,...


SWAN World - Zenith

The psyche is a funny thing. When sleep comes, we're slaves to its pull. Dreams become portals to the parts of our minds left untapped. In these texts, Ingrid Calderon offers...

Leste Mag

Leste - Issue #1

Leste Issue 1 Contributors: Vivian Fu, Elizabeth Schmuhl, Ingrid Calderon, Stephanie Kwak, Molly Soda, Liv Thurley, Lauren Cook, Christina Svenson,...


Penny Ante Feud 15

An existential moment - or two or three: that's what you'll find in this issue of Penny Ante Feud.


Penny Ante Feud 16: Poor Bird (Volume 16)

Possibly and probably the most dire and dour issue to date, Penny Ante Feud 16 Poor Bird still manages to let the light shine through.

Beast Grrl Collective

Ingrid Calderon


Notes of a Dirty Young Woman

Notes of a Dirty Young Woman

so the probability of dying is inevitable. It could happen in our sleep, our cars, in our homes, at work. You forget where you're at when you work in the 9th floor. I have this...


Bruja de Lamatepec

I was 6 years-old. 1986 to be exact. When I was told we were moving to the States, I was thrilled to be plunged into it specifically for the opportunity to learn a new language....


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