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Lifestyle Features

When Yoga Is Actually Just Cultural Appropriation

When you think of "yoga culture," you may very well picture a thin, most likely white woman clad in $80 Lululemon leggings, green juice in hand as she heads to her boutique yoga class. Perhaps this imaginary woman bears a striking similarity to former model Tara Stiles, who's now one of the most famous yoga teachers in the world.

Sabotaged Birth Control And Removal Of Choice: How Reproductive Coercion Hurts Women

Actor Ian Somerhalder is best known for his roles on The Vampire Diaries and Lost, but he recently made headlines for a very different reason. During an appearance on Dr Berlin's Informed Pregnancy podcast, he revealed that after he and wife Nikki Reed decided they'd like to have children, Somerhalder took it upon himself to sabotage her birth control pills -as a joke, of course.

Sorry, Not Sorry: 10 Things Women Should Never Apologize For

Overuse of apologies is silly: It diminishes the force of the apologies overall ... If you've seen Inside Amy Schumer Season 3, then you'll probably remember a certain skit called "I'm Sorry." The scene involves a panel of "top innovators in their respective fields," all of them women.

Pop Culture

How 'Outlander' Is Redefining The Romance Genre And Female Heroines

ByBrooke Geller, writer at Movie Pilot staff writer, aspiring shieldmaiden and friend to all doggos. At a cursory glance, it's all too easy to put a show like #Outlander in a box. There's a handsome love interest, plenty of drama, and a ton of steamy sex scenes- oh, and it's based on a series of books adored by women across the globe.

Movie Pilot Fanzine | Logan

Logan is an exceptional superhero movie, but it truly finds its voice and soul as a road movie. Here's the map to Logan's success.

'Sense8' True Story: The Real Science Of The Sensates Explained

ByBrooke Geller, writer at Movie Pilot staff writer, aspiring shieldmaiden and friend to all doggos. The science of Sense8 may tread a little closer to the "fiction" side of science fiction, but a surprising amount of it is based in actual scientific research.

Delving Into Highland History: How Historically Accurate Is Outlander?

ByBrooke Geller, writer at Movie Pilot staff writer, aspiring shieldmaiden and friend to all doggos. Producers of historical dramas often find themselves under a tremendous amount of pressure, and not just because of the common misconception that much of history itself is a terribly dull subject.

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Evergreen Drug Rehab Blog
Up by 540%: The Sad Reality of the Fentanyl Death Toll in 2017

Fentanyl has been around since 1960, but recent overdose statistics have made it more newsworthy than ever. Its potent strength makes it incredibly dangerous and, according to recent statistics, extremely deadly. In 2016, more than 50,000 Americans died from overdoses- 9,580 of which were caused by synthetic

Denver Women's Recovery
Done Blacking Out: 5 Signs It's Time To Finally Stop Drinking

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar: You're out on the town with the girls. Before you know it, you've had a couple more drinks than you'd anticipated. You wake up in the morning and are immediately faced with the memories of all those embarrassing, drunken antics from the night before.

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