Brittany Chung Campbell


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Brittany Campbell is a determined, creative, high energy writer and journalist based in Toronto. With a curiosity for new things and a determination for completing new and challenging projects at a professional level, Brittany has contributed to a number of various campaigns and writing initiatives in the corporate sector.

With the proven ability to be multifaceted, Brittany has worked on an accumulation of projects ranging from website content, articles, blog entries, marketing materials, ad copy etc.

Brittany integrates her talents in language and communications with larger organizational objectives; making it easy for employers to entrust her with high-level projects.

5 Things we've learned from 'CSI: Cyber'

By Brittany Chung Campbell *Warning the following article contains spoilers* Have you ever felt uneasy about using your Smartphone to do your online banking? Do you ever wonder if someone, somewhere, is tapping into your phone calls, reading your private text messages or hacking into your laptop?
Five reasons you'll love 'The Late Late Show' host James Corden

By Brittany Chung Campbell Meet James Corden: comedian, actor, hardcore British rapper (kind of), and the new host of "The Late Late Show." Replacing Craig Ferguson, who ended his nine year stint as anchor of the show in April 2014, Corden has taken on the role in hopes of shaking up the late night television show, he tells The Mail Online.

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