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Brittani Rable

Marketing and Writing

Graduate of The Ohio State University with Bachelor of Arts in English and minor in Creative Writing. Published poet in Mosaic Magazine and Us for President. Currently: Creative Overlord at Last Call Trivia Previously: Marketing Assistant at T-Pro Solutions, Freelance Writer for the State of Ohio Tourism, Freelance Writer for The Surge, Writer and Social Media Specialist for the Department of Chemistry, and Biochemistry at Ohio State and Content Creator for Odyssey.


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COSI's Dinosaur Exhibit is a Blast from the Past

Maybe you've finished finals or you just need a break from studying. There's no better way to celebrate or catch your breath than taking a trip back in time 65 million years. Unfortunately, that's not actually possible, but you can get close with COSI's new dinosaur gallery, courtesy of the American Museum of Natural History.

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This Bookshop is a Book Lovers' Dream!

Bibliophiles everywhere know the unparalleled feeling of walking into a bookstore; of being surrounded by the comforting smell of book pages and soothing routine of walking the aisles. Maybe your favorite genre is science fiction and the one or two aisles filled with robots, aliens, and genetically modified creatures seems like heaven to you.

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Find Fall Flavors at These Columbus Coffee Shops

An iconic fall feature, spiced lattes, in addition to warm cider, are beginning to make an appearance in Columbus' local coffee shops. Here are just a few indepedent places to check out to get your fall fix and support local business at the same time: Stauf's A Columbus staple, Stauf's never fails to have a solid variety of seasonal concoctions.

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Best Bakeries in Columbus

Columbus - the capital city of Ohio - has become a foodie's paradise, especially for those looking to answer the call of a sweet tooth. Open the door of a bakery and it is often love at first smell - filling your nostrils with the delectable temptations of forgetting all meaning of the words "diet" or "cutting back."

T-Pro Solutions

Man v. Machine: Where Do I Fit In in an Analytics Driven World?

Companies who are succeeding in the face of the analytics revolution are doing so because not only have they adopted an analytics strategy, but they've also found the key balance between machine and man, allowing them to confidently make and implement decisions quickly.

4 Ways to Ignite Your Trade Marketing Program

In order to ignite a fire, you need a catalyst. In order to ignite your trade marketing program, you need to find the right spark. Finding the right catalyst will improve productivity, empower employees, and provide measurably better results. This in turn boosts morale and profits.

Breathing New Life into Trade Marketing with Optimization

Claims that Trade Promotions and Shopper Marketing are dead overlook the potential of improved practices, new capabilities, and quantifiable results and that Trade Promotion Optimization makes possible. More intelligent and intuitive technology and evolving shopping practices provide companies the opportunity to innovate outdated practices and assumptions that are no longer making an impact.

Ohio State Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Return of Bern

The Return of Bern In 2009, Dr. Bern Kohler left Columbus for Bozeman, Montana and now, seven years later, he's returned to the buckeye state. Born in Chicago, Dr. Kohler traveled a great deal growing up, spending a good portion of his time in the New England area.

Alumni Spotlight: Brandon Henderson '11

It's no secret that Ohio State alumni go out into the world to do great things. The alumni of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry truly make a difference in their communities and represent the Department with the utmost dignity. One such alumni is Brandon Henderson. Brandon graduated with a B.S.


Stop Romanticizing 'The Great Gatsby'

I doubt anyone has gone through their education without reading "The Great Gatsby." It's become nearly as big a staple as Shakespeare in literary studies, and not without good reason. It's overflowing with symbolism and themes and imagery. When taken for what it truly is, it's a good story.

Here's Why You Should Read Gillian Flynn

If you haven't heard of "Gone Girl" by now, you might be living under a rock. In which case, please come out and discover the awesome woman who came up with it. Many people have seen the film adaption of "Gone Girl," which was great, but I'm here to tell you why should read not only this novel but Gillian Flynn's other novels as well.

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