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Brian Browne

St. John's University Assistant Vice President Government Relations & Political Science Professor

Location icon United States of America

Experienced leader in government relations, community engagement and media affairs with front line responsibility for coordinating interaction with local, state and federal government officials on behalf of St. John's University. Provides political analysis on government and politics, campaigns and elections, youth vote, Catholic issues.

Millennial voters and the future of a fractured GOP (commentary)

Commentary by Brian Browne, Assistant Vice President of Government Relations at St. John's University and an adjunct professor in the Department of Government and Politics. The old political adage, "If you are not a liberal at 25 you have no heart, if you are not a conservative at 35 you have no brain," may soon become obsolete as the Republican Party is in danger of losing yet another generation of young and potential voters.

Queens Chronicle
Millennials can determine presidential race - if ...

Thus, 2016 will mark the first presidential campaign where millennials will make up the same proportion (approximately 31 percent) of the electorate as baby boomers. This coming November, we will learn just how important, or not, the millennial vote really is as their turnout has the potential to have a decisive impact on the outcome of a highly charged presidential election featuring two aging baby boomers.

Queens Chronicle
First steps toward a possible mayoral run

Brian Browne, assistant vice president for government relations at St. John's University, described a possible race between Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park) and Mayor de Blasio as "an uphill climb" for the young Republican.Michael Krasner, a political science professor at Queens College, was a little more blunt about Ulrich's chances.

TWC News
Political Experts Preview Primary Day

Voters will head to the polls Tuesday to vote in the Presidential Primaries. People on the South Shore can also cast a vote in the special election for the State Assembly seat that's been open since Joe Borelli left for the City Council. NY1's Anthony Pascale previews Primary Day with a panel of political experts.

New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV
Nikki Haley: What's in her name?

Governor Nikki Haley was recently thrust into the national spotlight after tragedy struck her state. Nine black worshippers were targeted and killed in a racially motivated attack inside of their Charleston church. Soon after, Haley responded to calls to remove a long standing symbol of hate in the state, the Confederate Flag.

TWC News
Panel Analyzes McMahon's Win in SI DA Race

NY1 VIDEO: Democrat Mike Arvanites, Republican Mary Reilly and Brian Browne, the assistant vice president for government relations for St. John's University, analyzed Michael McMahon's victory in the race for Staten Island district attorney, as well as other political topics in the borough.

TWC News
Queens Week in Review: Election Wrap-up

NY1's Angi Gonzalez breaks down this week's elections with Brian Browne, Assistant Vice President for Government Relations at St. John's University.

Predicting papal politics?

Pope Francis will make a historic address to a joint session of Congress on September 24 and the Beltway is already buzzing with speculation on just what Pope Francis will say and, in the interest of high-stakes political theater, just how will his message be received?

TWC News
NY1 Online: Experts Unpack Gentile-Donovan Debate

Errol Louis recapped and analyzed NY1's debate for the 11th congressional district - between Dan Donovan and Vincent Gentile - with a special panel: Mara Gay from the Wall Street Journal; Brian Browne, political science professor at St. John's University; Ross Barkan, from the New York Observer; and NY1's Anthony Pascale.

NBC New York
The Political Comeback of Eliot Spitzer

St. John's University Assistant Vice President of Government Relations and Adjunct Professor Brian Browne and Publisher and Editor in Chief of the New York Amsterdam News Elinor Tatum discuss their thoughts...

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