Boen Wang

MFA candidate in nonfiction at the University of Pittsburgh

Location icon United States

BA in English from Penn State (2017)
MFA from Pitt in (finger's crossed) 2022
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Ex Nihilo: On Creation, Immigration, and Change

How does my dad have a terminal degree in biochemistry, yet reject evolution and natural selection? How does his education intersect with his religion? How does belief develop, calcify, and change?

Stories We Tell

You know the story. You’ve lived the story, and you're destined to relive it again and again.

Does Mass Surveillance Change the Way We Behave?

What effect does the awareness of surveillance have on the behavior of people? WhoWhatWhy looked at the current research and found that we may be reaching a tipping point—when awareness of being watched starts to affect behavior.

The Daily Collegian
Under the Skin

One Penn State professor unmasks the role genetics play in human faces, and whether it's possible to construct a 3D model of someone's face purely from their DNA.

The Daily Collegian
Watching "Happy Valley" in Happy Valley

You could feel the anger in the audience. You could feel the confusion, the hurt, and the rage. You could tell that three years later the wounds were still fresh.