Introducing Unbranded Writing Portfolios

Over the past year, we’ve had multiple requests from users who wish to use but aren’t keen on our logo being at the top of a writing portfolio they’re sending out to potential employers. So this week, became the first dedicated portfolio site to offer an unbranded option.

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Use this option in conjunction with a customized domain name, and no-one will ever realize you’re using a site builder such as

We’re pricing this package at $11.99 per month, which I think fairly reflects the value of an unbranded portfolio in the market (especially if you compare the price to some of the other unbranded site-builder products out there). It also reflects the greater cost of such a service to (as unbranded writing portfolios will have very little referral potential, which in turn means fewer new users). As with all of our packages, there’s a seven-day free trial so you can give it a go risk-free.

As a side note: I spend a lot of time reviewing product feedback from users. I’d conservatively estimate that reading and replying to emails account for 20% of the time I spend working on the product (and thanks to Intercom and AnswerDash, most of the support processes are now automated). If you think something could be better, send me a comment by clicking the question mark inside the app – I always respond.

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