Upgraded Writing Portfolio

Introducing Enhanced Portfolios

Sometimes, everything needs a good declutter – just ask Marie Kondo. And at Clippings.me, we think your portfolio should spark joy!

We launched the current design of our portfolios back in 2015 and it’s served us (and, we hope, you…), well. However, the web has changed since then, and it’s time for us to thank the old design for its service, and let it go.

On March 18th, portfolio pages will change when we launch our upgraded portfolio layout.

The overall structure (a biography followed by clippings) will stay the same, but you’ll notice some big differences, including some of our most-requested features:

User pictures
For the first time, you’ll be able to add a rounded profile/headshot photo to the top of your page (don’t worry, you don’t *have* to use one, your portfolio will look great either way!).

Optional banner images
Pep up your page with a colorful header, or use a white background – it’s up to you. If you’re using a custom or preset background for your profile header right now, that will become the banner image (but you can log in and delete it).

Section filters
Clickable section filters will now appear at the top of your page, so visitors can quickly sort through your work – great for those with long portfolios!

Beautiful fonts
Our previous fonts just weren’t cutting it anymore – the whole page has a new, fresher and more modern feel.

Lightning-fast, mobile-first pages
The new page design is a 50% reduction in code from the current layout, loading faster and looking neater across all devices.

The new layout will go live on March 18th – but you can still log in to Clippings.me today and update your portfolio so that your content is as fresh as the new design 😎

Introducing Clippings.me Unbranded Writing Portfolios