Bronwyn Kienapple

Director of Content Marketing


Data-driven content marketer. I help companies engage audiences & drive revenue.

Best Life Insurance in Canada: Company Reviews + Ratings

This page is our top converter to sales. It's been around for 3+ years, but I did a big overhaul in March 2023 that included a video (that I scripted), an infographic and a mobile-friendly formatting overhaul that included a lot of custom HTML, plus 20 new reviews (that link out to individual company reviews for topical authority). We went from 6>3 on our primary keyword (best life insurance Canada), and there was a 42% increase in traffic and 6.5% increase in applications started (with this...

Critical Illness Insurance Canada - Online Quote | PolicyMe

Worked with product and design teams to develop core messaging around this new product launch (brand team was occupied with a big project), which I then built in to this acquisition page for critical illness insurance. I designed the page layout, wrote the copy and helped QA it to ensure it loaded quickly and looked great on mobile. Within the first week, it ranked for the primary keyword "critical illness insurance canada."

Canadians & Money 2021-2022: 70% Say Canada Is Becoming Unaffordable [Study]

A thought leadership/backlink magnet project I headed up in partnership with Angus Reid (who conducted the survey) and NorthPR (who got press for it). I did the data analysis myself, wrote the blog piece and briefed all the original images, as well as created a distribution plan and a downloadable PDF version. It netted about 1.7k sessions in Canada and backlinks from 118 domains.

Get a Life Insurance Quote Instantly, 100% Online | PolicyMe

This landing page was originally released in fall of 2021. I wrote the copy and created the design/layout and worked with our UX team to release it via Webflow. When it failed to take off, I did a major overhaul in terms of design and copy in the summer of 2022 and it ranked #5 for "life insurance quotes" which is a hugely competitive keyword dominated by the big banks. It converts at around 30% to start application page view.

Small Business SEO Tips For Content Marketers | DIYMarketers

Are you a small business who has no online presence? You know that small business SEO promises great results, but even though you have an online presence, you haven't paid much attention to it before. If you are overwhelmed by the task of ranking on Google and attracting new customers, search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of a small business's crisis marketing strategy.

How to Create Viral Infographics That Drive Backlinks and Press Mentions

updated on June 4, 2020 The content marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Today, it's not just about writing blog posts and hoping to attract traffic. With the emergence of more engaging formats, marketers can come up with creative new ways to present information.

Proven Strategies to Power Lead Generation with White Paper Marketing

At the graphic design software startup I work for, we have a small marketing team and no sales team. We have ambitious goals and we're growing rapidly. As you can imagine, that means we're under a lot of pressure to create content that connects with and expands our audience.