Beth Mahoney

Freelance Beauty, Health & Wellness Journalist & Digital Marketing Specialist

United Kingdom

Degree-trained Multimedia Journalist (and Digital Marketing Specialist) who specialises in shopping, health & wellness, freelance life, digital marketing, business, fertility, beauty, lifestyle, and sex and relationships.

Bylines for: The Sun, Fabulous, The Mirror, The Express, Metro, Huff Post, The Daily Star, Entertainment Daily, The List, Debut, R29, The Pool, Live Betr, Pebble Magazine, Mamabella, and MORE.

Teaching kids about food allergies in school would save lives

Food allergies are unforgiving. You cannot make a mistake. You cannot slip up and accidentally eat something unsafe without suffering the consequences. Like me, many people with food allergies are impacted not just by their own eating choices, but also those of the people around us.

Adopting Healthier Freelance Habits

Remote working has significantly risen in popularity in the past 10 years, which has meant that the UK is now home to more freelancers who choose to work from home than ever before. A study from Epson shows that 91% of freelancers tend to work from home at least part of the time.

Burnout: The link between online work and mental health

This article was written by external contributor, Beth Mahoney. Beth is a freelance journalist who focuses on careers, business and health and wellness. She's the owner of digital marketing company, Fuzzy Bear Media, and a beauty, lifestyle and business blogger. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.