Bernadette Vielhaber

Marketing Communications Content Writer

United States

Versatile communicator with a media relations, journalism and marketing background. My unique point of view enables me to look at messaging and strategy from different angles to help create one that will resonate with customers and other audiences.

You can reach me through my e-mail at [email protected].

Sample corporate marketing proposal
Sample Proposal Deck

Sample corporate sponsorship proposal I created as part of an previous employment application

Infidelity Statistics 2018: Why, When, and How People Stray

Earlier this year, we interviewed one of the private investigators in the Trustify network who estimated that 90% of his surveillance cases centered around infidelity. We thought about how the act of being unfaithful to a partner has evolved, especially with the advanced forms of connecting through social media and other electronic messaging formats.

Working With Difficult Divorce Clients: Advice From The Experts

Difficult relationships between clients and lawyers dealing with divorce can often start with the uncertainty. A life-altering event is tough to navigate, and there's no road map on how to deal with what life will be like "after" the dust settles.

Virtual Kidnapping 101: How It Works and What to Look out For

Virtual kidnapping has become popular amongst impostor scams, the third most popular, behind identity theft (second) and debt collection (first) in 2017. Scammers learn all they need to know from monitoring social media accounts, even hacking into cell phones, researching their target.

What Is Opposition Research? A Private Investigator Explains

Opposition research and political tracking have become important to political campaigns, locally, at the state level, and nationally. We spoke to a private investigator who has conducted opposition research cases to learn how he approaches this completely legal and necessary process.


A comparison between tactics used by online scammers when "catfishing" first became popular and the tactics that they've graduated to most recently.