Beret Leone

Multimedia journalist

I plan on becoming a broadcast journalist. I'm currently a journalism student at Bethel University and graduating in May. I also have a minor in theatre arts and media communications.

United States of America


Royal Report

Interview Project: Santi Clark

By Beret Leone and Taylor Fondie for Royal Report Santi Clark didn't know her job existed while she was studying English at Bethel University. Clark graduated in 2011 and...

Royal Report

Business in the bubble

Bethel University entrepreneurs use their creativity to pave a way to pursue their dreams and open up their own small businesses while still in school. Story by Aaron Herbst,...

Royal Report

Interview Project: Joshua De La Rosa

Bethel University junior Joshua De La Rosa took a road trip from Minnesota to Mexico City after graduating high school to pursue his dream of playing professional soccer. "I...


TDF Honors Kinky Boots and its Original Tony-winning Stars at One-Night-Event | Playbill

TDF Honors Broadway News Kinky Boots and its Original Tony-winning Stars at One-Night-Event Tony winners Cyndi Lauper reunited with Kinky Boots' Billy Porter, Stark Sands,...


What Does Dear Evan Hansen's "Waving Through a Window" Sound Like as a Trio? | Playbill

What Does Video Dear Evan Hansen 's "Waving Through a Window" Sound Like as a Trio? Actors David Rowen, Nick Lehan, and Austin Colby debut their new arrangement of the hit song....


Watch 19 Former Annies Reunite Onstage | Playbill

Sarah Jessica Parker, Andrea McArdle, and other former Annie stars come together in honor of the musical's 40th anniversary.


Simple things you can do to improve team communication

It goes without saying that lack of communication in the workplace can be detrimental to your company and work environment as a whole. It's completely true when they say team...


Why You Should Be A Delivery Driver For Packages Instead of People

Ah, the ride share service appeal. Don't lie, you've thought about it. It sounds like a great idea to sign up and apply to be an Uber or Lyft driver - flexible hours, you're...

Graceland of Minnesota

A box of Hungry Jack's pancake mix, diamond-encrusted butterfly cutouts, and handwritten notes stuffed into plastic baggies tied together with twine.

King of kubb

It's 5:30 a.m. and Jason Larson is in his backyard throwing.

Keeping it fresh on stage

Mark King steps backstage and shakes out his arms as he hears the audience burst with laughter - it's finally intermission. For King, intermission means taking a break from...

Commentary: Home is the people we love

It's sort of an odd thing coming back to what once was, after spending nine months reinventing yourself in a place where nobody knew your name.

Royal Report

Professor by day, filmmaker 24/7

By Beret Leone, CeCe Gaines, and Kellie Lawless | Feature reporters Valerie Swedlund stands in the back of a crowded room, clutching her hands, tears welling in her wide, brown...

The Clarion

What now?

The Bethel community discusses the future of Kresge rock. By Beret Leone | Features Editor On the afternoon of Friday, Sept. 30, Leah Fulton is tired, the typical response for...

The Clarion

Inmates in the Infield

Ross Gabrielsen travels to prisons to spread the Gospel and play softball with convicts. Beret Leone | The Clarion Twisting his baseball cap around and strolling into the prison...

The Odyssey Online

Ripple Effect

I grew up with a father who trapped me in tickle fights and made me laugh until tears streamed down my face. I grew up with a father that showed me magic tricks and taught me...