Ben Scott

Social Media Editor, FHM

Social Media Editor for FHM. Wrote and designed for a start-up magazine while still at Falmouth University, studying Journalism. Cider fan and lover of cool tech. Sometimes all at once.


Everything You Need To Know About Li-Fi, The New Tech That's 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi is bloody brilliant right? We've evolved from sitting at a computer and waiting hours to download news headlines over the phone line, to lying in contorted positions on...
What It's Like To Be Best Mates With Boxing's Greatest Ever Champion, Muhammad Ali
Even now, 40 years after the infamous Thrilla In Manila, it's hard to think of somebody in boxing who was as universally loved and downright legendary in the ring as Muhammad...
Men Are Taking Photos Of Their Balls In Front Of Stunning Landscapes, And Calling It 'Nutscaping'
For reasons we're not quite sure of and will never, ever truly understand, blokes across the internet are dangling their balls in front of glorious landscapes. And taking...
Professor Green Talks About Mental Health, Depression And His Father’s Suicide
Have a guess what the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK is. It's not cancer, or heart disease - it's suicide. It accounts for nearly 5,000 male deaths per year. And...
How David Coulthard Became A British F1 Legend And Hero Pundit-At-Large
David Coulthard is a man who needs no introduction. British F1 legend and smooth pundit for the present day racetrack, but how did he get there? We caught up with the F1 veteran...
How To Give Up The Day Job And Become A Pro Skateboarder
You know what skateboarding is, and it's something you've always wanted to be good at, but you feared being laughed out of the skate park by kids four times younger than you.

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