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A bilingual (English/Spanish), honest, and hard-working writing specialist looking for opportunities to pursue the creation of meaningful connections between content and people. Two (2) years of professional experience as a copywriter, content strategist, public relations specialist and social media manager, and two (2) works of literary fiction published in professional journals.

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Car Seats and Booster Seats: How Kids Should Ride in Cars

The simple use of the correct car seat or booster seat lowers the risk of death or serious injury for children in automobile accidents by more than 70%. As recently as 2018 the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) updated their car seat and booster seat recommendations as to when, where, and how kids should ride in cars.

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Pools, Crabs, and Wikipedia

The pool stayed the same for most of the year. Just a few meters from the beach. The waves came in far enough, breaking across the sand into the tangle of mangrove trees and long grasses, to give it just enough water to stay level with the well-padded trail that led from the small Honduran ...

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Winter Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Emergency rooms report over 1 million visits due to slip-and-fall accidents each year and a large amount of those come during the winter season. As the temperatures drop and precipitation turns to ice and snow, parking lots, walkways, and driveways become danger zones.

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Gap Insurance Coverage

We've posted this before, but it's super important to understand. Especially if you've recently purchased a vehicle! Do you know what gap insurance coverage is? Gap insurance coverage is what kicks...

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How to Stay Safe During the Holidays

It just takes one preventable accident to turn a holiday celebration into a tragedy. Accidents are a part of life, but we can all take steps over the holiday season to keep ourselves, our families, and our friends safe. Below, we'll outline some of the more common holiday safety issues that we see and how to prevent them.

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Washington Cycling Safety Tips

Cycling Safety Tips While cycling is a terrific form of exercise and fun, and an efficient way to get around, just like everything else, it comes with some level of risk. That risk can be mitigated by taking some simple precautions. We've assembled some basic safety essentials to make your ride a safe one.