Benjamin Lord

Executive Director, Global eCcommerce & Omnichannel Marketing at NARS Cosmetics

Global marketer standing at the intersection of technology, commerce and culture.




Marketer Moves

Adweek Symposium: 2019 state of marketing

Last week, we hosted the first-ever Adweek Symposium with a single goal: to bring together a diverse group of CMOs, CBOs, CEOs, Innovators and Gen ZEOs to talk openly and...


The next wave of beauty tech

Marketer Moves

NARS' Lord on AI-driven experiences, CRM and growth in Asia

As the Executive Director of Global Digital Marketing & Consumer Journey for NARS Cosmetics, Benjamin Lord has a tall order, tasked with connecting shopper strategy, experience...


NARS' Lord talks beauty tech, makeup artists and more

NARS Cosmetics may have a love affair with technology, but for the French beauty company, the human makeup artist will never really go away. The role can, however, evolve....


WWD Digital Forum 2018

Addressing measurable impact of social media to the organic growth of an online community, this forum has a special focus on the digital lifestyle and business of the West Coast.


Glossy Beauty x Wellness Summit 2018

Leveraging data and technology to improve the customer experience: We live in an age of information, where a wealth of customer data can assist brands in creating better...

She Runs It

She Runs It - Marketing Trends

How has marketing transformed the modern organization? Please join us for a riveting conversation on how marketing is now driving ROI and consumer engagement through brand...

Brand Innovators

Future of luxury brand marketing

Building A Luxury Brand in the Digital Era: Digital media and the Internet are rapidly transforming how luxury brands market themselves. From Baccarat to Bentley, Gucci to...

Luxury Society

How AI is taking the beauty industry by storm

More and more beauty brands are embracing technology to enhance the personalized digital experience. Sephora's doing it. Estee Lauder's doing it, too. And if you're in the...

NARS Cosmetics puts its best face forward with AI, data

When it comes to standing out in the $445 billion beauty industry, it all comes down to personalization, says Benjamin Lord, executive director of global eCommerce and...

Brand Innovators

Future of retail and consumer experience

Customer Experience 2020: Omni-Channel Retailing & Loyalty Consumers now expect a seamless experience as they engage more actively with retailers in-store, online and on the...


Think Tank: Your style is a device - Literally

The shift to mobile commerce revolutionized the fashion and beauty industries. Even as some luxury labels were slow to embrace change, seemingly overnight customers have...


VentureFuel honors marketing visionaries 2018

VentureFuel, Inc., the full-service innovation consultancy working with Global 2000 clients to capitalize on new technology and emerging opportunities, announced the 2018...


Think Tank: Latest beauty tech signals industry makeover

To say that technology has "disrupted" beauty is an understatement. Our personal-care devices are all connected - and the quality of biometric data they are able to collect has...



Reinventing the physical experience with pattern recognition

The explosion of mobile technology has led us on a collision course, merging the physical and digital worlds as smartphones have become 'intelligent' enough to recognize visual...


Think Tank: Why fashion needs to get more artificial

The past few years of technological advances have led us on a collision course - a merging of couture and computing. The industry has reached a point where machines can leverage...


Why the fashion industry needs to get more artificial

The past few years of technological advances have led us on a collision course - a merging of couture and computing. The industry has reached a point where machines can leverage...


Marketers must find AI's moral compass

Artificial intelligence is growing in usage and capability, but it is still mostly a black box without guiding principles; Kinetic's Benjamin Lord argues that AI needs to...