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Bela Pechau

Copywriter and Creative Thinker

Location icon South Africa

With almost 7 years of copywriting experience, it's easy to say that I've been a part of some pretty cool projects - and I've barely scratched the surface.

I've dabbled in all sorts of digital hoo-too which includes writing SEO articles (long and short), e-commerce/product scripts, social media content creation, UX copy, social media paid ads, creating/proofreading proposal presentations, bot conversations, mailers, and travelling across the country documenting an award-winning South African Cooking Competition called The Ultimate Braai Master.

In addition to my years of experience, I also have a diploma in Travel and Tourism Marketing, a pastry and professional cookery diploma and I'm currently upskilling myself in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and FB Blueprint respectively.

Although corporate copywriting is where the major opportunities are, my true love lies in short copy and in particular UX copy and creating straplines. I also love making things rhyme and try to make people laugh by combining poetry and speech writing - because, why you gotta be so serious all the time, right?

I'm currently based in South Africa but seeking opportunities abroad. My EU passport is burning a hole in my pocket and I'm ready to bust it out and see the world.


Social Media

GotBot is a tech startup that develops chatbots for the e-commerce, financial and insurance sector. I run their Facebook and LinkedIn page with the objectives of growing the following on their respective platforms and expanding the brand into the international sector.

FoodForward SA | R50M Appeal

At the beginning of Lockdown, FoodForward SA appealed to the public to raise R50Million to help vulnerable communities in South Africa. I ran the social media platforms (incl. design) from March - July. We surpassed the R50M target by June 2020.

E-Commerce & SEO Site Content

COADS Partners
What is the right structure for my business?

COADS Partners is a Chartered Accountants firm, based in Melbourne Australia. The purpose of this piece was to educate the user on business structures, while adhering to common search terms surrounding the topic.

AYU Digital Website
AYU Digital | Agency

AYU Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Melbourne Australia.

COADS Partners
Plan to Succeed | Tax Planning Strategies For Your Business

Whether you're an individual or a business, we're all asking the same question - how to minimise our tax bill effectively? While the short answer is to implement various strategies - also known as tax planning - there's a lot more to it than just looking at your financials one week before having to submit.

Rugged Industries
Bagged or Bagless Vacuums | Which is Better?

When you think of a vacuum cleaner, more than likely you'll think of the bagged vacuum model. However - and most notably within the commercial cleaning industry - these units were rapidly becoming a costly problem for these businesses.

Organic Aloe
Organic Aloe | Production refinery for Aloe ferox raw materials

Organic Aloe is an Aloe ferox refinery, based in Albertinia. This company processes and refines Aloe ferox for companies to purchase and use in their products. Working with Grindstone Advertising, this web content is very technical and B2B orientated, selling raw Aloe ferox products to companies. The content needed to be explanatory but still maintain it's scientific terminology.

Harmony Distillery | E-Commerce
Aloe Ferox Gin - Harmony Distillery | South Africa

To create uncompromisingly pure gin, you need the purest ingredients. Harmony Aloe Ferox Gin comprises 10 fragrant botanicals, starring Africa's own Aloe Ferox. With its sweet aroma and classically dry feel on the palate, this bitterly beautiful gin creates a well-rounded and flavourful drinking experience - with an African twist.

10 Oxes | E-commerce
Skulder - Black Pepper & Fig - 10 Oxes

The second ox in the kraal Aroma: Black peppercorn with aromatic notes of wild figs and woody juniper dominate the nose, with a touch of fresh floral elderflower and lemon sherbet aromas. Appearance: Silky texture but Transparent Taste: Candied lemon zest , piney juniper with complicated fruity flavours from Wild Fig Vodka used as base for this Gin.

Team Up
The Situation Room - Team Up

Team Up events is a New Zealand based company that specializes in corporate team building. I created a storyline for their 'Situation Room' genre. It's a race against the clock and players have to work together to solve a series of puzzles to stop an illicit tobacco deal from going down, before it's too late.

Villa Ukuthula | Web Copy
Visit Mozambique | Villa Ukuthula | Fire Island - Machangulo Peninsula

Machangulo Peninsula, Mozambique Villa Ukuthula is an exclusive luxury destination situated on the beach along the Mozambican South Coast. A short boat ride away from the port of Maputo, you can enjoy panoramic views of pristine dune forest and fall asleep to the sound of the Indian Ocean crashing against the shoreline.


Personal | Poem
How About a Riddle?

This is my first attempt at creating a riddle. As I'm actually terrible at solving riddles myself, whether this one is very good or not, I won't know. The answer is at the bottom.

Rambling Wookie
Lessons in Weight-Loss pt.1 | Before the After

Someone called me an inspiration...Me? Now I'm not going to lie, knowing that I've been able to inspire someone is a quite an awesome feeling, but in the back of my mind, I'm thinking - it's literally something that anyone can do - If you want some back story to Before The After, read the...

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