Bela Pechau

Copywriter & Content Creator

Location icon South Africa

With almost 7 years of copywriting experience, it's easy to say that I've been a part of some pretty cool projects - and I've barely scratched the surface.

I've dabbled in all sorts of digital hoo-too which includes writing SEO articles, long and short web copy, social media content creation, UX copywriting, social media paid ads, creating/proofreading proposal presentations, writing bot conversations, mailers, and travelling across the country documenting a South African braai TV show.

In addition, I have a diploma in Travel and Tourism Marketing and I'm a qualified chef -

Although corporate copywriting is where the major opportunities are, my true love lies in short copy and in particular, making things rhyme and trying to make people laugh - because, why you gotta be so serious all the time, right?

I'm currently based in Little Brak River, Mossel Bay in the Garden Route - but I'm happy to travel anywhere for in-house projects.


Blogs, SEO Content & Social Media client work

Harmony Distillery

Freelancing for Grindstone Agency, I create all the social media copy related to this local, award-winning craft gin distillery. I'm also responsible for all copy for the brand, including the back and box label on their new Aloe Ferox gin.

Fire Island Conservation
Fire Island | Sun Dome Solar Desalination | Grindstone Agency

Fire Island is a nature conservation project in Mozambique. Working for Grindstone agency, I was tasked with creating this blog about a game-changer in the water desalination industry, which could revolutionize access to fresh water in remote areas.

Team Up
The Situation Room - Team Up

Team Up events is a New Zealand based company that specializes in corporate team building. I created a storyline for their 'Situation Room' genre. It's a race against the clock and players have to work together to solve a series of puzzles to stop an illicit tobacco deal from going down, before it's too late.

Ultimate Braai Master | Social Media

I'm proud (and exhausted) to say that I am the sole provider of digital content for the Ultimate Braai Master social media accounts. From design and strategy to community management and competition execution, it's one hell of a gig and I love it!

SA Home Loans
Adding value to your home | SA Home Loans

If you have followed the adage "location, location, location" and purchased a home in a desirable area, there will be a natural appreciation of the value of your home over time, following property price increases and the demand for homes in certain areas.

Mad About Mobility

A piece I wrote for an international gym management app, BoxChamp, about the importance of mobility.

Site Content

Villa Ukuthula
Visit Mozambique | Villa Ukuthula | Fire Island - Machangulo Peninsula

Machangulo Peninsula, Mozambique Villa Ukuthula is an exclusive luxury destination situated on the beach along the Mozambican South Coast. A short boat ride away from the port of Maputo, you can enjoy panoramic views of pristine dune forest and fall asleep to the sound of the Indian Ocean crashing against the shoreline.

Pebane Beach Lodge
Pebane Beach Lodge Web Copy

Pebane Beach Lodge is part of The Fire Island Conservation and hotel group in Mozambique. I worked on the copy for this website, freelancing as part of an agency team - Grindstone Advertising.


Website content for KZN-based events company - Worked closely with the owner to nail the tone - Creative, informative and different. Landed this contract through The Resource group on Facebook.

Stockup Website

Short copy for a specific, JHB based target market. Groceries, alcohol and other goods, delivered to your door.

Xplorio | Search & Enjoy

Xplorio is a dynamic town website platform that offers current, comprehensive and authentic town related information - from holiday accommodation to where you can find plumbers. I was part of a team hired to create SEO copy per town - 50 pages a month for 4 months, 100 pages for 3 months.


Rambling Wookie
Before the After | An Introduction

Have you ever seen before and after pics people who've gone from 160kgs+ to 75kg - inspiring AF, right? Now, I don't know about you but I always ask, what happened in between that before and after picture, how did they get there? And in all seriousness, how the fuck did they do that?

Personal | Poem
How About a Riddle?

This is my first attempt at creating a riddle. As I'm actually terrible at solving riddles myself, whether this one is very good or not, I won't know. The answer is at the bottom.

Rambling Wookie
Personal | Snatch This

A post about overcoming mental barriers when it comes to Olympic weightlifting.

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