Britt Chase-Shelleé

Writer, Editor, Coordinator, Storyteller

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Having been privileged to grow up overseas, blessed with a love for the written word, inspired by culture and fascinated by communication, I have cultivated the ability to look at people, stories, and issues from a distinct angle.
I have worked in fashion, publications, public relations, the arts, and education. This may seem a scattered, heterogeneous mix of vocations, but the underlying connection leads back to people, their stories and the universal need for them to be told.



PeopleAsia features Amor Maclang

PeopleAsia recently featured Amor Maclang, Founding Director, and Head of PR for GeiserMaclang in a piece called, "An Intersection of Passion".

SHOT Magazine
Funny Girl, Sanya Smith

Daughter of Pinoy Rock Icon Pepe Smith, Sanya is a celebrity in her own right .

Luxe Magazine
Diving Dreams

How this writer overcame her fear of the water


Couture Be a Lady Tonight: Raoul Ramirez brings back classic glamor | Style Studio

Ladies and Gentlemen, the sophisticated lady has arrived. It took her a while to get here because, well, she is never in a hurry to get anywhere. Walking in four-inch heels and figure- hugging pencil skirt, movie-star sunglasses and string of pearls, her steps are delicate and slow, but with great purpose.

Freedom in Jail Jeans | Style Studio

He began as a collector of denim, mostly foreign brands. He would feel the quality, follow the trends of stitching, note the change in cut and contour and shade. Then he asked himself, "why can't the Philippines produce quality denim? Why can't a Filipino designer become a leader in denim design?"

Profiled: Amina Aranaz of Aranaz Bags | Style Studio

The {S} team sat in what is called the pattern room in SOFA design school in Makati. Across from us is a lovely, petite woman in a shocking pink shirt and red skirt. The room is slightly cold but is soon livened up by eager conversation.

Silver and Gold: We want to spend this Holiday with Chris Jasler | Style Studio

So, a male model walks on stage wearing nothing but silver studded leather boy shorts, and a denim bag replete with zippers. Model walks to middle of catwalk and stands there. And stands there. Granted he has the body of a Grecian deity, but those of us who came to see clothes are wondering what is going on.


In Your Own Skin | Style Studio

There are a lot of things we equate with being comfortable with ourselves, but no phrase really hits the mark as well as "like your favorite pair of jeans."

Welcome to the Studio. Let's check out the Scene | Style Studio

I have always liked the word "studio". It is as specific a thing or as full of possibility as you allow. In one frame it is a cozy room with exposed brick and wood floors, with perhaps just one window to let in a few select rays of light.

Boys, Girls, Men, Women, People: Finding the Stereotypes in our Lifestyles | Style Studio

While growing up, if there's one thing that we are taught one way or another, it's that there are specific things only boys can do, and another set of activities that's for girls. A lot of these have no actual biological basis that makes them specific to genders - most of them are imposed by society, depending on how the tasks seem "feminine" or "masculine."

Each their own classic... | Style Studio

Style is everywhere; even those who stubbornly say that fashion isn't their thing, well, unless you are wandering around your perspective city in your birthday suite, then it has played a role in your day to day life.

Color me Curious | Style Studio

If you are old enough to remember the old Skittles commercial with the "taste the rainbow" tagline, you are probably feeling a bit nostalgic. If you survived the color clashing and neon war which was the 80's, you are probably feeling a bit scared.

Mood Boosting Tips for Rainy Days | Style Studio

We don't expect "Walking on Sunshine" to be the first song on your playlist, but there are some things you can do so these damp days don't get the better of you. It's grey enough outside, don't wear it.

Health and Beauty

Come Rain, You Can Still Shine | Style Studio

Even if you have the cutest rain boots possible and an adorable (and effective) umbrella, when it comes to getting ready to face the world on a rainy day, the beauty regimen in the first thing to suffer...or melt.

Hair Secrets 101: Introducing the first 100% Organic Hair Salon in the Philippines | Style Studio

This I did not expect. There is no tribal drum or flute music, no smell of incense or patchouli, (thank God) or any shell artifacts. Forgive me if I have a hyper-stereotypical montage of images flash before me when I hear the word "organic," but I have to admit I was more than a little worried of what an organic hair salon would look and, even more so, smell like.


Law of Lean: Israel Bans Super Skinny Models | Style Studio

Israel has long made international headlines by protecting their borders, but now they are making headlines by defending the health of their women. Israel has officially banned supper skinny models. Following the standard used by the World Health Organization, the new law states the model must have a BMI (body mass index) of at least 18.5.

Another's History on Our Back | Style Studio

It really is amazing and curious how things change, or evolve, rather, and all these prints and patterns have me thinking how amused their creators would be if they saw they are not only still around, but now considered items of luxury. Animal print was not always the sexy and bold statement that it is now.

Wearing The Pants | Style Studio

Who wears the pants in the relationship? You or your culture? When we hear that question, "who wears the pants in the relationship" or the statement, "oh, I see who wears the pants in that relationship," what is really being asked or implied is, not who literally wears a pair of trousers or slacks, but who maintains the higher degree of power, who is really in control?

Fashion Week Hangover | Style Studio

So we have taken a break from our Scene and The Studio to let you really focus on Philippine Fashion Week and all it would demand of you. There was a lot to wade through and we've chosen collections we think are either on to something, were completely original (and wearable) or designers who had a unique perspective or take on a current trend.