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Award-winning, internationally published author, copywriter and editor

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Hello, and thanks for visiting my page! I'm currently a freelance author, copywriter and editor. My body of published work includes everything from picture books, scripts and licensed character style guides to print and broadcast advertising campaigns, marketing materials and children's poetry.

I've also published over 400 magazine articles, with topics ranging from Disney Theme Park attractions, shows and resorts to behind-the-scenes stories of the making of Disney films. Some of my articles are the result of interviews spotlighting talented folks, including a feature film make-up artist, Disney artists and vocal performers to renowned sculptors and a Shaolin monk.



Magazine Articles

Sketches Magazine
Scheming Suitor

Beauty and the Beast's dashing--yet disturbed--villain.

Sketches Magazine
Master of Disguise

See how feature film make-up artist Joel Harlow brings dead pirates to glorious life.

Sketches Magazine
Voicing Memories

Spotlighting the official voices of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

Disney Dream File Magazine (This magazine is in Japanese so the sample here is a plain text, English-language version.)
It Was All Started By a Mouse

The birth of Mickey Mouse. (1st Place Winner of the 80th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition.)

Disney Parade Magazine (This magazine is in Japanese so the sample here is a plain text, English-language version.)
Journey Into Imagination with Figment

The evolution of the classic Epcot attraction starring the lovable purple dragon, Figment, the symbol of imagination.

Valley Scene Magazine
Staying Young with Shaolin

Meet Shi Shin Du, a 31st generation fighting Shaolin monk and discover the health benefits of the ancient martial arts system he teaches to people of all ages.

Children's Stories: Magazine

Pooh News
Blustery Day Trap

Winnie the Pooh helps his friends out of a sticky situation.

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