Baderinwa Adedamola

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I'm a content writer, conversational copywriter, and growth marketer with over 3 years of experience working in SaaS and finance. I help brands reach their target audience through well-crafted SEO articles, social media plans and creative content that align with industry needs. I love technology, so I show it by writing. I have vast experience coordinating campaigns for brands through targeted content writing, slide shares, blog posts and webinars. A firm believer that beauty lies in simplicity setting precedence for my writing tone.


Tech Writing

3 Crypto Industry Problems countered by Seeded Network

Welcome to the world of cryptocurrencies, where not everybody wins. The excitement that comes with buying your first token is sometimes unmatched. The routine price projection, the profit expectation can sometimes keep you up all through the night. However, not everyone gets lucky.

The complete location data guide for businesses

The information about the location of elements is of great importance. Knowing 'where' gives us a better perspective into several possible actions. Notably, the position of objects and people sets the foundation for expansion, evacuation and resource-sharing as the case may require.

Milsat Technologies
Understanding location-based systems and the role of GIS | Milsat Technologies

In recent years, technology has delivered innovations we probably never thought were possible. Time and again, several systems that revolutionize operations in age-old industries are pioneered. One of the sectors that have witnessed this massive advancement is the geospatial industry, with several companies becoming increasingly interested in location information, the powers of geographical technology, and its direct impact on their business performance.

Blog Articles

Reasons Why Innovation Teams Experience Burnout

The best teams are characterized by motivation, professionalism, and dedication. However, it is easy to get the best of people when the workload is still relatively low. With the eruption in tech and other innovative industries, several teams are coming together to build amazing solutions to permanent and temporary problems. A classic feature of startups is the fast pace of operations and duty-sharing.

Company Profile and Product Whitepaper

Private Client Product Description
Electra: Product Whitepaper

Detailing a first-to-market technology for Africans to monitor energy use