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Conflict: Democracy and Pearl Jam's Vs., 25 Years On

It is not cool to be a Pearl Jam fan in 2019. Once icons of the early-'90s grunge phenomenon that made flannel a household symbol of authenticity and anti-capitalism, the band has since evolved into a staid institution of mainstream rock.

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Scientists Create "A.I. Gaydar" to Prove Facial Recognition Technology Is Scary | YUYU

Check It Out From Snapchat selfie lenses to the iPhone X's Face ID feature, advances in facial recognition technology are generating huge amounts of enthusiasm and cash. But seeing as face-analyzing capabilities could dramatically up the tech game of surveillance, security, and advertising agents, it's normal to feel a little wary.

Let Startups Feed, Clean, and Dress You by Subscribing to These 5 Kits | YUYU

Listicles It seems like every day we lose another part of the physical world we took for granted to some genius in Silicon Valley who's figured out how to digitize it. Gone are the days when journaling in MS Word or rocking out to Deftones involved leaving your parents' house, going to a store, and buying a CD-ROM.

I Am a Good Boy: Harvey Weinstein's New York Times Statement | YUYU

Listicles Most people know Harvey Weinstein as an Oscar-studded Hollywood mogul, admired by pop culture enthusiasts and liberal intellectuals alike for his ability to nurture small films to box office and critical success. This Thursday reintroduced him to the public in a new, creepy light as a New York Times article revealed a decades-long history of suppressed sexual harassment allegations against him.