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Mumukshu | Filipa | Fabulist

Features and articles in T: The New York Times Style Magazine, TED, Qulture, REORIENT, Doha News, Dissident Voice, Culture Unplugged, The New Indian Express, and elsewhere. Fiction and poetry published/ forthcoming in Acorn, ARDOR, Banshee, B O D Y, Rattle and StepAway Magazine. Pushcart Prize nominee, placed in competitions at the Cork International Poetry Festival 2019, Jaipur Literature Festival 2018 and International Literature Festival Dublin 2018.

Indian-born, UAE/US-impressioned, inhabiting Ireland via Egypt, France, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland and Qatar.




Rattle Magazine


*for Victor Valdovinos* "Monsters cannot be announced. One cannot say: 'Here are our monsters,' without immediately turning the monsters into pets." -- Jacques Derrida


Nine Months

The day I bit an apple, and it bled, I knew we had died. Downstairs, in the kitchen, you were brewing tea(rs). Love is under fire, in someone else's home: a kettle's weak scream.

ARDOR Literary Magazine


I want to be in a band with a crazy name/ because on Ashbury in 1982, you stopped me by the poster/ of the boys playing in the bar that Sunday and said "Ingenious"-- / and I'd...


T Qatar: The New York Times Style Magazine

Journeying to the Soul of the World

Like Alice in Wonderland or Neo in The Matrix, acclaimed artist Sacha Jafri invites us down the rabbit hole on a journey to the Soul of the World.

T Qatar: The New York Times Style Magazine

Music to her Ears

11 year-old Han-Na Chang only wanted to meet Mstislav Rostropovich, considered by many to be the greatest cellist of the 20th century, even one of the greatest cellists of all...

T Qatar: The New York Times Style Magazine

Que Paso!

Plucky photographer Ana Maria Garcia Montero talks Peru, Paso horses and her life through the lens.

T Qatar: The New York Times Style Magazine

All for a Jacket

Qatar's ambassadors for the PUMA 'Built for One' T7 Track Jacket campaign give their take on art, film and design in the Middle East.

TED Blog

The Power of Reframing: TEDxSummit Opening Night

If the TEDx Summit is a harbinger of the world to come—beginning with a region that has for too long been besieged by misunderstanding and conflict; then speak, world.

Culture Unplugged

Live to Tell

Peace is not an obligation. It is not a compromise. It is not a halfway house. It is a conscious, renewed and continual commitment to responsibility.

Dissident Voice

Uncommon India

A no-first-strike policy appears to translate to a no-first move-policy too, as India refuses to lead—as it has before—an active, committed and urgent initiative to achieve...

Culture Unplugged

A Ca(u)se de Paix / A Case for Peace

There are those who will, no doubt, remind us that stories of war and violence are as old as humanity. But this rationale is as much a case for peace, as it is for war.

Journal of the New Zealand Society of Authors

Truth Matters

Contemplates the responsibility of writers not only to speak the truth through their writing, but to move people, and change the world, by "bringing the truth about matters of...

TEDx Summit

Bleedin' Cuttin' Edge: The TEDxSummit

"...Maybe then we will realize that it’s not about the wars or the differences; at the end of the day, we’re all just people.” People spreading ideas. Ideas worth spreading.

Doha News

COP18: Free trees, hippies and more

A highly subjective, vaguely useful and sometimes irreverent round-up of the top five booths you don’t want to miss at the COP18 Sustainability Expo in Qatar

The New Indian Express

The Walls Have Eyes

This Frenchman lives half in shadow, never revealing his full face or even his full name — you know him simply as JR.


Stepaway Magazine


*Nominated for the Pushcart Prize