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Why Mumbai Hasn't Had A Single Successful Heart Transplant

Two buildings away, Dr Brian Pinto, chief of cardiology at the Holy Family Hospital, had finished his rounds for the day. The first time he saw Hvovi, she was being wheeled into the hospital and was almost certainly going to die in the next three minutes.

Hindustan Times
Survival at stake: How Mumbai's beef ban has left 100,000 people jobless

Butchers and abattoir workers are not the only ones left unemployed by the ban. Across Mumbai and Maharashtra, thousands of transporters, traders and middlemen are jobless too. Most were standalone businessmen or daily wage earners who will get no pension or severance pay.

Feature writing

DNA newspaper
Spotting a tiger in the wild isn't as easy as it sounds

Tiger, tiger, bragging rights - A visit to Kanha National Park and Pench National Park reveals a wide array of wildlife, from the hardground Barasingha found only in Kanha, to the Picca bird that mimics cellphone ringtones.

DNA newspaper
Who are the 'Mad Men' of India's advertising world?

The cigarette campaigns were beautiful," KV 'Pops' Sridhar, the national creative director of advertising agency Leo Burnett, remembers dreamily. We are sitting in his cabin, the walls lined with gleaming statuettes.


Little Black Book
'Soapy Football' Is Ridiculous And Amazing: Try It At This Dadar East Turf

This awesome concept can be seen at Mad Over Sports, a sports company based in Dadar East, where they have set up a 'soapy' football field on the terrace of a building. The ground is covered with foam and a plastic covering, and the sides are protected with tubes to avoid anyone slipping too far.

Little Black Book
Wanna Ride? You Can Rent A Harley Davidson For Only INR 320 An Hour

This sounds like a dream come true for even us, who are complete chickens about getting on a speeding bike - all the fun without the time and money commitment. But Rebel Rides is making this dream come true, and that too for an impossible fraction of the cost of actually buying the bike.

Little Black Book
Five Swimming Pools You Can Jump In Today {Without A Membership}

When we want to escape the heat {as well as the accompanying cocktail of pollution, smoke and noise} we take to the seas - well, a close enough approximation. Mumbai is full of swimming pools, ranging from well-maintained municipal centres to hotel rooftop pools.


DNA newspaper
The Kung Fu nuns of Ladakh

The Kung Fu nuns of Ladakh - The Drukpa nunnery in Ladakh is home to a self-empowered branch of feminist Buddhism that not only encourages nuns to train in Kung Fu, but also lets them study and seek enlightenment on a par with monks.

Food & Beverage

Little Black Book
Head To Chawla's In Sion Koliwada For Dilli-Style Chhole Kulche

This is not the place you go for ambience. At Chawla's, we find a few shaky stools, dim lighting, and newspapers being used to soak up the grease underneath our kulche. The crowd also is very local - you will find everyone from taxi drivers, auto drivers, local workers and families sitting in the limited seating area.

Little Black Book
The Freakshakes That Blew Up Instagram Have Reached Mumbai

There are three freakshakes - towering milkshakes which are topped with ice cream, chocolate, pretzels, biscuits and more - up for grabs at Di Bella's outlets since this Saturday. The Melbourne FreakShake is served with chocolate pearls, chocolate sticks, Oreo's, waffles and whipped cream.

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