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I have a lot to say.

I shout my thoughts out into the void that is the internet and the minds of those around me.

Think. Blog. Talk. Repeat.

United States of America


Selected Samples from PAPER


"Everybody" Wants to Be the Next Step in Collaborative, Ethical Fashion

Everybody is the brainchild of two American Apparel alums, Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo, a new-age ethical fashion company that's all about keeping it real. Inspired, as...


NSFW: Check Out Arvida Byström and Molly Soda's Collection of Banned Instagram Photos

Two of Instagram's most familiar artist-celebrities, longtime social-media denizens @arvidabystrom (a.k.a Arvida Byström) and @bloatedandalone4ever1993 (or Molly Soda), are...


Peep The Scene From Hanksy's Time-Traveling Art Show

This past weekend, NYC street artist, and the Lower East Side's own pun extraordinaire, Hanksy brought the transitory-nature of guerilla-style art to the hyper-immersive world...

Environmental Sustainability


Climate Deniers and Cold Weather - Sustnrs

Forget identity politics and women's rights, even the weather is a dangerous subject for a thanksgiving dinner table now.


California and the Drought - Sustnrs

West Coast Represent?


At war with nature, or at war with ourselves?

I breathed in the silence as I walked. Of course, it was a silence punctuated by whispered conversations and the dull sound of rolling tires on the grey concrete - oxygen...

Selected Samples from Inquisitr

The Inquisitr News

Ben Carson's Weirdest Quotes: A Campaign Of Cringes

Republican Candidate Ben Carson has always been fodder for satire, but with Thursday's Republican Debate, he just alerted the internet to the "fruit salad" that is his internal...

The Inquisitr News

Iowa Student Calls Hillary Clinton 'Monica,' Gets Kicked Out

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton was treated to a surprise when she was accidentally called "Monica" by one of her young interviewers - a student from the...

The Inquisitr News

GOP Debate: Detroit's Worst Quotes And Low Blows

Detroit's GOP Debate was charged with the usual insults and name-calling. Fox News tried, but the Trump mentality prevailed.

Documentary Reviews

Just A Platform

Meet The Bielutines - Just A Platform

A candle flickers to life, illuminating a crumbling grandiose apartment overhung with paintings and populated by an elderly couple. The air is that of an old candle-lit library:...

Just A Platform

Red Lines Movie Review - Stories of the Syrian War - Just A Platform

Terrifying masked men appear on our television screens today, dragging western journalists and activists by their hair, threatening to behead them while issuing dire warnings to...

Just A Platform

Documentary Films - Glorious Accidents - Just A Platform

Winner of the prestigious Orizzonti Award for medium-length films at the Venice Film Festival, Mauro Andrizzi's 2011 documentary film, " Accidentes Gloriosos" or " Glorious...