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Midway Minute
Nico Hoerner's hot start has looked promising

Note: Midway Minute is a Chicago sports newsletter designed for email. To get this in your inbox every weekday morning, enter your email below! Good morning, frents! So the one-year anniversary of Chicago's last professional sporting event with fans - a Blackhawks win over the Sharks -is on Thursday.

Baseball Prospectus
It Finally Clicks for Aaron Hicks

Expected by most to be a backup after slashing .223/.299/.346 over nearly 1,300 plate appearances for his career, and hitting poorly in 2016, Hicks started producing in spring training and hasn’t stopped. “I don’t want to be considered a fourth outfielder,” Hicks has said.

Midway Minute
Will Yoan Moncada bounce back after battling COVID?

Here's what we know right now about Yoan Moncada: He can perform a reggaeton love song while pretending to snuggle beautiful babes poolside in Miami. How do we know? His music video called " Desastre Personal," which somewhat predictably translates in English to "Personal Disaster," is streaming on YouTube if you like.

CBS Sports
Life Without Oscar

How teammate and countryman Carlos Martinez -- and all of the St. Louis Cardinals -- tried moving forward in the wake of the tragic death of the club's top prospect, Oscar Taveras.

Yahoo! Sports
Ranking the sexiest GMs in MLB 1-30

The comments that new Oakland Athletics shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima made about GM Billy Beane, that he "is extremely sexy and cool," got me thinking about ranking the sex appeal of MLB's top execs.

VICE Sports
How Rookie Michael Fulmer Established Himself as the Tigers' New Ace | VICE Sports

With his dark, bushy beard and six-foot-three barrel-chested frame, Detroit Tigers rookie Michael Fulmer was an immediate presence on the mound this year merely by virtue of his appearance. But Fulmer could pitch, too. From May 21st to June 17th, he accumulated a 33.3-inning scoreless streak that established him as a leading candidate for American League Rookie of the Year.

VICE Sports
Q&A: Rookie Twins Outfielder Max Kepler Talks Ballet, Berlin, and Baseball | VICE Sports

Born in Berlin to star ballet dancers not long after fall of communism in Germany, Minnesota Twins outfielder Max Kepler is having one of the better rookie seasons in the American League. Twins manager Paul Molitor has given Kepler a lot of responsibilities, from playing every day, including against left-handed pitching, to hitting in the middle of the lineup.

VICE Sports
The David Ross All-Star Case, Mascot Ire, and Glorious Matt Albers: Dave Brown's Unscientific...

1. David Ross's All-Star Game chances (Last Week: Not Ranked) Lester had it going tonight. @Cubs pic.twitter.com/GbJZttFSxV - Randall J. Sanders (@RandallJSanders) June 2, 2016 Read More: Pedro Martinez Remembers the Night He Almost Threw an Extra Innings Perfect Game Chicago Cubs left-hander Jon Lester is endorsing catcher David Ross for baseball's All-Star Game, and it's not entirely ridiculous.

Q&A: Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew talks Twins, PEDs, Letterman

Harmon Killebrew's career spanned the end of the original Washington Senators and the dawn of the Minnesota Twins. He blasted 573 homers over parts of 22 seasons in the majors, culminating in his election to the Hall of Fame - on his fourth attempt - in 1984.

Business + Entertainment Writing

Understanding Medicare: Parts A Through D

It is never too early for someone to start thinking about healthcare coverage. As you approach age 65, Medicare insurance may be top of mind. Most people in the workforce, or their spouses, have been paying into the Medicare fund for most of their working lives.

Understanding Bitcoin

What's the motivation and technology driving cryptocurrency's biggest brand name?

How to Apply for Social Security

What most people think of as Social Security is just one part of a much larger program. In 1935, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act-legislation that provided for Retired Worker Benefits, Survivor Benefits and Disabled Worker Benefits. This post focuses on Retired Worker Benefits-that money you're expecting to see after all those years of payroll deductions.

What you don't know about the Kim K robbery suspects

French police detained 17 people for questioning on Jan. 8, 2016 in connection with the armed robbery of reality star Kim Kardashian during Fashion Week in Paris in October 2016, reported CNN . As the investigation intensifies, what have we learned about these brash bandits?

How to Get a Free Home Insurance Quote

Whether you're closing on the purchase of a home or trying to reduce insurance costs, getting home insurance quotes tops your to-do list. But, before you pick up the phone or go online to shop for homeowners insurance, do your homework.