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Annie Tittiger

Freelance writer and editor

Location icon United States of America

Annie lives and works in San Francisco.

[email protected]

Post-home booking email series

A series of emails sent to post-home bookers providing helpful information and ideas for their trip.

Writing Travel
Best Dinner Spots for When the 'Rents Are in Town

Whether your parents are just in for the weekend and you want to show them the best of San Francsico, or they live just across the bay and you just want a nice place to catch up. These are the best restaurants in the city to dine out with your parents.

San Francisco Magazine
Bringing Hula Back

Annie Tittiger | Photo: Lin Cariffe | September 19, 2016 Leave the fake leis and ukulele at the resort; the real hula is happening here on the mainland. Travel
Insider's Guide to the Outer Sunset

We're going to suggest you go vegan, just for the lunch hour. We know, we know. You're giving the computer screen a look of utter disgust. But hear us out: Judalicious is delicious. And you'd be surprised to see how much variety there is on the menu. Travel
Conquer the Microclimate: Gardening in SF

Updated September 13, 2016. So you want to liven up your tiny San Francisco apartment with some greenery. Or maybe you're one of the lucky ones to have a little yard in the back. Don't let the fog dismay you. You can grow a lot of things (yes, even tomatoes).

San Francisco Magazine
Make Art, Not War

San Francisco won the lottery in 1987. That's when gallerist and curator Cheryl Haines, the mind behind the 2014 Ai Weiwei Alcatraz takeover, moved into town.

San Francisco Magazine
When Cheryl Me Ai

How a San Franisco gallerist became besties one of the most famous artists of our time.

Montage Magazine
Los Cabos Living

Tranquility is imbued in every aspect of Montage Los Cabos. Perched in Santa Maria Bay, a horseshoe beach in a marine sanctuary on the Baja California peninsula, this new hotel will offer all of Montage's signature amenities, including award-winning spa services, a 20,000-square-foot split-level pool and ocean views from every room.

San Francisco magazine
Dancing Through the Morgues

You might expect that because a vast majority of the Internet Archive's holdings are, rather obviously, online, its headquarters wouldn't be worth a visit. You'd be wrong. Along with its 2.5 million books (roughly a thousand are scanned into the collection every day), 155,000 concert recordings, and 2 million films, the archive records 70 television and news channels around the world.

San Francisco magazine
2015 Fall Arts Preview

Preview of all things art, music, theater, comedy, and dance coming to San Francisco in the fall of 2015.

San Francisco magazine
The Kid Who Saved the City

All the Best of the Bay 2014. To reach Tulelake, you veer off I-5 in Weed and steer 90 minutes northeast on a lonely two-lane highway through territory that looks more Montana than California: Ghostly marshes hug the edges of the pavement, wild pheasants swoop by your windshield, and Mount Shasta soars above, shrouded in ominous-looking storm clouds.

San Francisco magazine
Theater, Deconstructed

Behind the scenes of the new Curran: Under Construction theater series

San Francisco magazine
Think Tank: Cary Fukunaga

Interview with the Emmy-award winning director about his newest film, Beasts of No Nation

San Francisco magazine
Inside UC Berkeley's 'Wonderfully Normal' New Art and Film Museum

The former home of the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive was always a bit of a problem child. "It was amazing, unique, and endlessly challenging," says the museum's director, Lawrence Rinder, of architect Mario Ciampi's brutalist concrete fortress on the southeast edge of UC Berkeley's main campus.

San Francisco magazine
Think Tank: Marielle Heller

Interview with the burgeoning director of indie hit The Diary of a Teenage Girl


San Francisco Cityguide

A vistor's handbook to dining, entertainment, adventure, and more in San Francisco, the Bay Area, and beyond.

San Francisco magazine
What's Killing the Bay Area's Oysters?

It's not even noon on the Fourth of July, but the restaurant at Tomales Bay Oyster Company in Marshall is already packed. Over 100 cars line the shoulder of Highway 1, while valets help another hundred find parking in a gravel lot.

San Francisco magazine
Nightlife for Your Entire Life

An inclusive drinking guide for every San Franciscan—from the barely legal to the effusively senior.

San Francisco magazine
2014 Fall Arts Preview

A preview of all things culture in San Francisco in the fall of 2014


San Francisco magazine
No sanctuary for Danielle Bologna

Conducted extensive fact-checking, research and reporting for the 9000-word expose on the devastating killing of the Bologna family and the subsequent aftermath.

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