Anna Galbraith

Features Writer

United Kingdom

Anna Galbraith is a 26 year old freelance culture writer. Although currently based in London, her heart still stubbornly beats for the Lancashire-Cumbria border on which she was born, and continues to straddle uncomfortably in the tones of an indiscernible accent.

Anna's career in journalism began in 2018, when she became a staff writer for the luxury men's lifestyle magazine, Gentleman's Journal, and where she contributed features covering everything from grooming and fashion to fine dining and profile pieces. Her experience across this breadth of topics has swiftly taught Anna that she dislikes the idea of becoming a specialist writer, and relishes any opportunity to stick her teeth (often literally) into any weird and wonderful project that excites her.

However, if you were to press Anna for her specialism, it would be her borderline-creepy biographical knowledge of the life and work of Dame Emma Thompson — whom she has written (thus far unanswered) fan letters to since she was 15. Alongside freelance writing, Anna has experience as a proofreader, copyeditor, campaigner and journalist and she would love to hear from you, should you have any projects, pieces or features you would like to collaborate on.

She also sincerely apologises for the excruciating self-indulgence of writing this bio in the third person. Who does she think she is.


Music & Theatre

The Telegraph
Tom Jones live at the O2

The excitement was palpable as I made my way across Greenwich's Peninsula Square to watch Tom Jones on the London leg of his Surrounded By Time arena tour, as he joined The O2's Welcome Back Show series.

Books & Literature

5 Books to pull you out of your reading slump - Reader's Digest

Offering a cure for any and all spiritual ailments, these poetic prescriptions and wise words of advice offer comfort, delight and inspiration for all. From everyday worries to finding the strength to tackle life's greater hurdles, this is the perfect volume to have by your side.

Mail Online
The World According To Colour review: Full of fascinating tidbits

James Fox Allen Lane £25 Rating: In a now famous speech delivered in 2005, David Foster Wallace noted that '[our] most obvious, ubiquitous, important realities are often the ones that are the hardest to see and talk about'. In The World According To Colour, James Fox rises nobly to the challenge.

Opinion Pieces

Girls on Tops
No More Frocks: Emma Thompson and Reclaiming Space for Stifled Women

Emma Thompson came onto the film scene during a time that left little space for women to feel and act beyond what was already set out within classic literature. To combat this, she started rewriting these characters herself. Anna Galbraith looks back on the actor and screenwriter's influence over the past three decades.


Gentleman's Journal Online
Interview: Downtown With Max Brown

On the release of the hotly anticipated Downton Abbey film, we meet one of its stars for lunch on a rainy London afternoon...

Gentleman's Journal Online
In conversation with Russell Tovey and Rob Diament

We are precisely 7 minutes and 43 seconds into our conversation when Rob Diament, gallerist and co-host of the Talk Art podcast tells me, "Tracey Emin wrote to me last night to say that she's really proud of what we're doing.

The Gentleman's Journal
Michiel Huisman interview: The Haunting of Hill House

Sitting handsomely dressed in a light blue, brushed-cotton shirt and stirring a cup of hot water and lemon, Michiel Huisman looks perfectly at home amongst the chic surroundings of the library at The Soho Hotel. But then again, the 39-year-old actor has mastered the art of looking perfectly at home just about anywhere.


The Gentleman's Journal
Travel guide: 48 hours in Bath

If it were possible to anthropomorphise the City of Bath, I imagine you'd be presented with a figure not unlike Audrey Hepburn. Agelessly elegant, magnetically beautiful, and damn near impossible to take a bad photo of (even in the October rain).

Wine & Fine Dining

Gentleman's Journal Online
These are the best boutique distilleries in Britain

There is something inherently romantic about a distillery: the effervescent glow of bubbling copper stills, the exacting standards of the master distiller, and the holding out - with all the impatience of a young lover - for the perfect moment for maturation.

Gentleman's Journal Magazine
La Vie En Rosé

A print feature investigating the meteoric rise of Whispering Angel rosé

Gentleman's Journal Magazine
Super Sakes

Exploration of the history of Japanese sake wine

Art & Design

Gentleman's Journal
The Tastemakers 2019

A curation of the 50 most influential people in London’s art and design scene, including interviews with five significant industry figures.

Gentleman's Journal Magazine
Keeping It In The Family

In the world of premium art curation, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

The Gentleman's Journal
Hotels with the world's most amazing art collections | Gentleman's Journal

The writer Joan Didion once said of hotels that they "have always been social ideas, flawless mirrors to the particular societies they service." And, for the art aficionados looking to experience something entirely unique, this shortlist of hotels promise to make good on Didion's claim.

Gentleman's Journal Online
Montblanc make their mark on London | Gentleman's Journal

There is something inherently romantic about a fountain pen. Perhaps it is the simple act of putting pen to paper in a digital age, or perhaps it is the sincerity of signing a signature with a tool perfectly crafted for your stroke.

Grooming & Style

The Gentleman's Journal
The winners of our Grooming Awards 2019 | Gentleman's Journal

When it comes to maintaining a grooming routine, it's easy to let old habits die hard. With a dizzying number of serums, shampoos and scrubs promising to sculpt a more handsome man out of you, we know that the thought of giving your bathroom cabinet an update can only serve to worsen your crow's feet with stress.

The Gentleman's Journal
Why it's finally time to embrace makeup for men | Gentleman's Journal

It's 2019 and the times, they are a changin'. A-list actors donning everything from glittering harnesses to full-blown ball gowns topped best-dressed lists this awards season - and the global market for male grooming products is estimated to be worth over $60bn by 2020.