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Freelance journalist

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Anna was previously a digital news producer at NBC 7 San Diego, and before that, a Mass Communication Specialist in the U.S. Navy.
She is experienced in public affairs, print and broadcast journalism, editing, photography, videography, graphic design and web design.

NBC 7 San Diego
Former Navy Officer Sentenced for Attempted Sex With Minor

A former U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander pleaded guilty to attempted enticement of a minor and was sentenced to 120 months in custody Monday. Matthew Perry Maples, 38, was arrested on July 21 at a hotel in Point Loma, where he planned to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex, according to a statement from the U.S.

NBC 7 San Diego
'Me Too' Survivors Unite for San Diego March

A march was held Saturday in San Diego to support women who have experienced sexual assault or harassment and to recognize the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women. The march was led and organized by survivors of sex trafficking.
Guest voice: Vets have duty to vote

Veterans understand sacrifice. We remember the seemingly endless hours of midnight duty, wishing we could be asleep next to our loved ones. We know the suffering of each day slowly bleeding into the next while on deployment. We are uncomfortably familiar with our "battle buddy," lack of privacy, and mind-numbing routine broken only by random drills and training.

KPBS Public Media
Marine Veteran Shares Her Battle Against An Eating Disorder

Marine Veteran Shares Her Battle Against An Eating Disorder GUEST: Theresa Larson, author, "Warrior: A Memoir" Transcript Book Signing What: Theresa Larson's "Warrior" When: Saturday, April 9, 7:30 p.m. Where: Warwick's La Jolla In her memoir "Warrior," Marine Lt. Theresa Larson of San Diego redefines the meaning of a warrior and the stereotypes behind it.

KPBS Public Media
Chef Takes Food Prep To New Level With 'The Portable Feast'

Food writer and stylist Jeanne Kelley returns to the Good Earth/Great Chefs series, bringing healthy food to the table-or to-go-with her new cookbook, "The Portable Feast: Creative Meals for Work and Play." Kelley is an edible garden expert who is committed to serving seasonal and cost-effective food.
Guest voice: Veterans Day, a chance for unity

Our country has been bombarded by fear and hatred since the beginning of this election cycle, but for Veteran's Day, the best way to honor the people who have fought for this country is to spread love for each other and the values our veterans died to uphold.

Oracle Reviews
Media Caution: Brainwash in Progress

If you've never read Neil Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death (1985), he was spot on with his predictions of where our society is headed. He predicted we would gravitate toward a Brave New World kind of system, where the elite would pacify the masses by overloading them with information so they would not pay attention to the corruption...

Oracle Reviews
The Writer's Coffeehouse with Jonathan Maberry

More than 25 people were gathered around a long table within the towering, book shelved walls of the Mysterious Galaxy on Dec. 4. Some were drinking coffee, some were eating snacks, but all eyes were focused on the keynote speaker and Writer's Coffeehouse founder at the head of the table: Jonathan Maberry.

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