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Anjana Rajbhandary

Writer & Certified Mental Health Professional

Anjana Rajbhandary is a freelance writer who has written for The HuffPost, The Chicago Tribune & Nepali Times Newspaper. She has interned at Unicef and UN Women and is most passionate writing about gender issues and mental health, however, her articles about relationships/heartbreaks are the most popular. An only child and obviously a psychology major, she is a big fan of the band ‘Odesza’.


International News and Media

Nepal Earthquake: Anjana Rajbhandary on BBC World News with Yalda Hakim (4/30/2015)

Anjana Rajbhandary, Certified Mental Health Professional and columnist/sub editor at Nepali Times, discusses the mental health ramifications of the Nepal earthquake of April 2015. Links to follow Anjana's work:,479

Nepali Times Newspaper

End pain, not lives | Nepali Times

Anita, 44, started withdrawing from the social scene. She started gaining weight. She said she had misplaced the joy in her life. She was depressed, but people thought she would get over it. She did not. She was found dead in her bedroom recently next to an empty bottle of pesticide.

Coming out stronger from crisis | Opinion | Nepali Times

It started like just any other Saturday morning, we were busy preparing for a wedding to go to in the afternoon. But, as they say, 'it takes an instant to change lifetime' and at 11.56AM on 25 April that is exactly what happened. The geography of our history crumbled into a pile of dust.

Being Nepali or becoming Nepali? | Nation | Nepali Times

Deepti Gurung's older daughter had to give up her dream of being a doctor because the medical college would not admit her without a Nepali citizenship certificate. She doesn't have one simply because Nepali law doesn't allow citizenship in the name of the mother.

'Ask Anjana Anything' on Nepali Times Newspaper

I help, therefore I am | Nepali Times Buzz | Nepali Times

Hi all, It has almost been 3 weeks since the big earthquake and the strong aftershock last Tuesday, we are slowly starting to get back into our usual routines, while there are still plenty of people who are concerned with how they will shelter themselves during the upcoming monsoon season because they have lost their homes.

Surviving trauma | Nepali Times Buzz | Nepali Times

I hope you are all taking care of each other. Last Saturday's earthquake has affected millions of Nepalis. Experiencing and dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster is traumatising for many people. Witnessing loved ones lose their lives and their homes can cause severe and persistent posttraumatic stress and grief.

Accepting yourself | Nepali Times Buzz | Nepali Times

I find it sad that sometimes families prioritise society's judgement over their children's happiness. When we love someone, we should accept them for who they are-not what they 'should' become. For more questions email me: [email protected] or @AnjyRajy. I am a 26-year-old girl born and raised in Kathmandu.


Thought Catalog
This Is How I Will Choose You

I was recently talking to a friend about relationships when she said something that really stuck with me: "Relationships aren't easy. They take work. You have to change with them. People think it's a cliché to change for another person, but if you want to continue being with someone else, you have to let yourself grow, and growth is change."


「自己中」というと、あまりいいイメージではないかもしれません。でも、人生において自分自身をケアすることは、何より大事なこと。世界を旅するライター、Anjana Rajbhandaryは、「 Thought Catalog 」でこう語ります。「自己中になろうと決めたのは、私にとって人生で最高の決断」と。その8つの理由とは? ...

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