Student. Writer

South Africa

My passion is creating wild and wonderful stories for all to enjoy. Writing is where I feel the most at home. Stories are the backbone of society.

First draft of my novella
The Tree

Twin brothers find a strange tree in a field, they touch it and it transports them to a new world.

Spec script I wrote for iZombie
Spec Script for iZombie

Spec script for iZombie, after the end of the first season

Series bible for TV show Bermuda I created.
Series Bible for Bermuda

Everything that happens in the first season of Bermuda

Feature length script I wrote
Of Space

A feature length script, set in South Africa. A space craft crashes and a young village girl rescues the alien inside. Forces rush to destroy any and all evidence.

Personal episodic script
Episode of Bermuda

An episode from a TV series I created called Bermuda