Andrew Ulman

Founder of Missing Persons 911

Andrew Ulman is the Founder and Lead Content Creator of Missing Persons 911. The project aims to distribute Amber Alerts and other news updates on missing persons cases to the public. Ulman's ultimate goal is to help missing persons return to their families.

Andrew Ulman
Missing Persons 911

Missing Persons 911 is an online news distribution platform that highlights missing persons cases in real time. Andrew Ulman is the Founder and Content Creator of the project. Andrew Ulman founded Missing Persons 911 in 2014. Passionate about helping others, he initiated the project in hopes of fulfilling a serious need in the area of...

Andrew Ulman

Andrew Ulman is the Owner and Operator of Missing Persons 911. Dedicated to highlighting missing persons cases across the country, Ulman uses his platform to act as a source for information on breaking stories. By sharing information about different missing persons incidents, he hopes to both save and change lives.
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Andrew Ulman is the lead creator of Missing Persons 911, a site dedicated to helping missing persons following an incident. He is passionate about having a positive impact on his community and helping those in need.

Andrew Ulman

In 2000, Andrew Ulman graduated from New England College with a Bachelor of Arts degree. During his five year enrollment at the College, Ulman hosted his own radio show. This experience gave him a taste of one of his life's greatest passions: news distribution.

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Andrew Ulman is a creative thinker passionate about providing the public with information and safety. He is the founder and content creator for Missing Persons 911. He attended New England College from 1995 to 2000 where he also ran his own radio station, further developing his interests and expertise in news distribution.

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Andrew Ulman is the Founder and lead Content Creator of Missing Persons 911. Ulman developed this platform in 2014 in an effort to help shed light on breaking missing persons incidents and cases. Through Missing Persons 911, Ulman informs the public about current Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, Blue Alerts and more.