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Andrew Shields

Strategic communications specialist

Location icon United Kingdom

Industry-leading content management and strategic comms expertise, coupled with high-calibre and award-winning editorial skills. Projects for global organisations across sport, health, education and tech; numerous published books; credits in most national media outlets.

Contact me through my website at, or email: [email protected]

Workplace Material Handling & Safety
Material Innovation Revolutionizes Back-Of-Hand Protection

Most gloves used for industrial PPE across the construction, automotive, and oil and gas industries have back-of-hand protectors, with the vast majority made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR). Until now, there was very little manufacturers could do to change the characteristics of the compositions they were using.

What you should know about voluntary standards

How do the standards helping to regulate North America's PPE industry support health and safety managers tasked with keeping their teams free from harm? "Our business is the health and safety of workers and first responders," says Craig Wallentine, Board Vice Chairman of the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA).

Bush Telegraph
Into Luna orbit

Profile of the man behind Luna, plus cover feature interviewing area's oldest and newest residents

Impact magazine issue 6
Screen saver

Thought leadership magazine for D3O

Impact magazine issue 7
Helping hands

Thought leadership magazine for D3O

Impact magazine issue 8
Wyld at heart

Thought leadership magazine for D3O

Impact magazine issue 9
Out of pocket

Thought leadership magazine for D3O

Woman's World
Love All

Can’t wait for Wimbledon? Try a little Real Tennis in the meantime: an ancient sport that’s on the rise again, especially with women. Andrew Shields meets a world champion player to find out more

Woman's World
London to Rio

Can it really be four years since London staged Olympic and Paralympic Games that were widely considered ‘the best ever’? And this summer, can Rio de Janeiro do even better? Andrew Shields, who helped plan the 2012 Games, looks forward to a beach party in Brazil

Massage techniques for men: the healing touch

Touch is the most undervalued of our senses. Not only is a handshake or hug pleasant both to give and receive, such simple physical interactions have valuable health benefits. Skin-to-skin contact causes your brain to release oxytocin, known as the "trust hormone", which has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, increase tolerance to pain and leave us feeling good about ourselves.

Woman's World
A Day at the Races

A day at the races doesn’t have to be the dressed-up, once-a-decade occasion it is for most of us.

The Guardian
Let's try yoga

It’s an ancient practice too often shrouded in mysticism, but yoga is a good way to keep fit and make new friends.

The Manager
Right Values, Great Attitude

Keith Harmes is totally committed to developing Chelsea's next generation of players and coaches - that's why he was chosen as a Barclays Spirit of the Games hero.

The Guardian
Let's try Nordic walking

Our love for all things Nordic includes a fast-growing form of exercise that's health and fun

Small steps to fitness

You don't need to join a gym or sweat and strain to feel fitter. No matter what your age or physical condition, you can boost your health and wellbeing with just 20 minutes more activity each day. "We have got out of the habit of being active," says fitness educator Annette Burgess.

Don't just walk, walk well

Walking is the ultimate convenience workout. You can do it any time, any place, anywhere. It's cheap, too - all you need is a pair of supportive shoes or trainers. And the pavement doesn't charge a membership fee.

Mind your Body: restoring your wellbeing

Aromatherapy, reflexology and a host of other complementary therapies are now part of everyday living for more than 5 million people in the UK. With good reason, too: research shows that many therapies can help you relieve stress, ease depression and cope better when times are tough.

Living without boundaries

With their purple and red uniforms, pointy foam fingers and etched-on smiles, the Games Makers were the face of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Although only a few got to carry Usain Bolt's kit, the vast majority enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime experience and pledged to get involved in their communities afterwards.

PE provision for disabled children

One of the most powerful outcomes of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games was the change in public perception of disabled people. The spectacular achievements of athletes like Ellie Simmonds, Sarah Storey and David Weir placed the focus squarely on ability rather than disability.

London's top ten bizarre therapies

1. Spirit release In a nifty rebranding exercise, ridding people of evil spirits, which was formerly known as 'exorcism', is now called spirit release. At least that's what they call it in the alternative therapy community, where it seems to be more about gently 'facilitating the removal of unwanted mental intrusions' from lost souls who may have attached themselves to you, and less about battling scary priest-killing kids who have sex with crucifixes.

Solo sports for primary-school children: skating, archery, fencing, life-saving and climbing |...

Primary-age PE is about building the ABCs of fitness - agility, balance, coordination and speed. These will all be introduced in school, though many children really develop their physical literacy in extra-curricular clubs. If kicking, hitting or chasing a ball around doesn't appeal, here are five individual activities that will still develop a wide range of fantastic physical skills.

Meet the apps that could transform your workout

Digital devices are an integral part of our daily lives - and are fast becoming an essential feature of our active lives, too. With apps and accessories to ease us off the sofa, there's no excuse not to commit to getting smarter about getting fitter.

Bluffer's Guide to Sochi 2014

Sochi 2014 offers 17 days of fleece-lined bluffing bliss. Why? Sports played on grass, track and water are fraught with risk of exposure, for the very good reason that most people know a little about them. Those contested on snow and ice, on the other hand, are much easier to bluff about - because fewer people know about them.

Technology in the pool

Swimming is being transformed by the appliance of science. Ben Hardman, manager of the Speedo Aqualab, explains how the latest technology is pushing the boundaries of performance for every swimmer. Download the app Set your Goals There's no better way to stay motivated than by logging your swim sessions.

'Village Life' Olympic Village newspaper
Rivalry and respect

One of 20 daily papers published in English and French, for which I was editor-in-chief

'Village Life' Olympic Village newspaper
Let the Games begin

One of 20 daily papers published in English and French, for which I was editor-in-chief

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