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I'm an incoming part-time Columbia J-School student attempting to transition from international affairs to journalism.

I speak Mandarin at a professional working proficiency, and prior to my current job I was a Boren Scholar at Tsinghua University, where I took advanced language courses on Chinese society, politics and film. In 2019 I spent much of the year in Beijing as an editorial intern for RADII China, and I'm currently fulfilling my yearlong obligation as a Boren Scholar at the U.S. Department of State. I will be actively searching for journalism internships and entry-level positions in New York City while studying part-time at Columbia.

RADII | Culture, Innovation, and Life in today's China
Is the US Ready for an All-Chinese Content Streaming Service?

For the non-Chinese speaker, gaining access to current, high quality Chinese TV and film outside of China requires determination. Of course Netflix has a small selection of newer, sometimes binge-worthy Chinese TV shows and films, but the hoops one has to jump through to access a wider array of content (downloading the proper extensions, brushing up on your language skills) make it inconvenient at best.

RADII | Culture, Innovation, and Life in today's China
Here are China's 10 Most Valuable Stars

Admaster, a Chinese data solution provider focused on domestic advertising, just put out a data-driven list of China's most commercially valuable celebrities of 2018. Their assessment model, the fancy-sounding Celebrity Selection Index (CSI), aggregates data collected on a celebrity's social influence, buzzworthy-ness and brand help - while also taking a "risk factor" into account (more on that below) - to produce an overall score.

RADII | Culture, Innovation, and Life in today's China
Into the Black Mirror: The Truth Behind China's Social Credit System

Blacklists... data... credit scores... all sensationalized elements of the Chinese policy plan regularly blasted as reminiscent of 1984: the Social Credit System. Often compared with chilling dystopian science-fiction episodes, the topic has received breathless coverage from some members of the international media, but information is often inconsistent or saturated with alarmism.

RADII | Culture, Innovation, and Life in today's China
The Beijing Basketball Court That Became the "Holy Land" of Chinese Streetball

After graduating high school, Zhang He and Zhang Baoyuan decide to take a trip from their native Hebei province to Beijing with their newfound freedom - a breath of fresh air after months of prep. As they touch down in Beijing, others are arriving from more distant places: Shanxi, Hainan, even Los Angeles.

RADII | Culture, Innovation, and Life in today's China
UNIQLO UT x KAWS Collab Sparks Manic Scenes in China

Chinese shoppers got down on the floor, up on tables, and in face-to-face tussles on Monday to get their hands on UNIQLO UT x KAWS special edition T-shirts, and the frenzy left a series of videos and memes in its wake.

Instant La: The Best of China's Self-Heating Hot Pots

Now that you've acquired a taste for all things fiery thanks to the Beijinger's recent inaugural Hot & Spicy Fest, be sure to check out our ongoing chili related restaurant coverage and the latest issue of our Hot & Spicy themed magazine so that you can maintain the tantilizing burn.

RADII | Culture, Innovation, and Life in today's China
Why Are Chinese Tourists So "Unruly?"

If you Google "Chinese tourists," you'll find a bevy of articles calling them "too loud," "too rude" or simply "the worst." A little more web surfing and you'll find examples of that behavior: vandalization of ancient temples, scuffles with airplane stewardesses and scalding water, and unnecessary brawls with the authorities.

RADII | Culture, Innovation, and Life in today's China
Is Kris Wu Fat Now?

A pressing question, people. Yes, the new season of Rap of China is underway, and contrary to the rumors, Kris Wu is still at the helm as the hit reality show's lead judge. But a different discussion has been looming over the former pop singer's image recently - his physical image, that is.

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