Andrea Uptmor

Content writer & copyeditor

Content writer and editor for web & print.
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Health & Wellbeing

Daring to be Vulnerable with Brené Brown
Let's say that after reading a few articles about the benefits of yoga, you decide to try it yourself. You buy a mat, find a nearby class, and put on some stretchy pants. But...
What Do Experts Recommend for Healthy Sleep?
Sleep patterns change throughout life, with babies, children, and adolescents needing more sleep than adults. The CDC has a handy chart that outlines how much sleep we need...
Using Resilience to Build a Flourishing Life
The impact of stress on the body is well-documented, from its effect on blood pressure and mood to digestive disorders and immune functioning. Chronic stress, left unchecked,...
Be Good to Yourself
A crucial ingredient in emotional health is self-compassion, which we think of as a basic practice of treating yourself with acceptance, kindness, and gentleness--much as you...
Mindful Holiday Giving
The holiday season is approaching, which for many also means gift-giving season. Take a moment to reflect: how does shopping for gifts affect you?
Doing Good: Improving Your Community with Social Entrepreneurship
When John Foster's 21-year-old son came home one night severely beaten by a group of would-be carjackers, the protective father exploded with anger.
Use the Wellbeing Model to Reduce Stress
Even if you cannot remove the source of stress from your life, you can take steps to react to it in healthy, positive ways. Stress is deeply related to and intertwined with...
Wellbeing for the New Year
Every year, as the ball drops on New Year's Eve, millions of Americans make a promise to be different—better, healthier, and happier—and yet only 1 out of 4 will actually stick...
How to Meditate with Sharon Salzberg
There's a myth that meditation is difficult—an esoteric practice that is hard to master and only available to a few enlightened people. But that's simply not true.
Healing the Healers
Profile on innovative nursing leader


The Activist Collective
Article about an activist collective on campus
The Cannes Winner
Article about a student filmmaker
Description of Ceramics program
Introduction to the city of Chicago for prospective students
Welcome Letter
Introductory letter from the dean to prospective students


IRS Aims to Make Flexible Spending Accounts More...Flexible
If you have ever found yourself frantically digging through old receipts in an attempt to claim the remaining dollars in your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) before the end of...
Minnesota's New Gift Tax: What You Need to Know
Minnesota may hold a steady place near the top of Gallup's annual Best Places to Live, but a recent Wall Street Journal article claimed the state is also edging out the...
Inheriting a Summer Cottage
A number of baby boomers who grew up spending summers at the family cottage now face the responsibility of inheriting the property from their ageing parents.
Do You Have Unreported Income? -
The last thing you want is to get in trouble with the IRS—but many find themselves in the hot seat every year, having failed to accurately report all of their income.

Guest Blogging

Sabrina Chapadjiev Takes on Female Creativity
Two weeks ago, in a dimly lit backroom of Boneshaker Books, Sabrina Chap began to sneeze. "I'm severely allergic to cats," she explained as she set up the projector for her talk...
All Writers Considered: An ethical argument for buying new books
Last week I was browsing my most reliable news source,—a website that allows my friends to become the Diane Sawyers and the Scott Pelleys of the world,...
Literature For Your Loved Ones: Holiday Book Buys
The Holiday Season is upon us, and if you are like me (and of course you are, that's why we're such good friends), not only do you hate saying "The Holiday Season is upon us,"...


A Classmate Has Some Notes About the Psychedelic-Mushroom Scene in Your Short Story
I know I don't speak up much in our creative writing class, or show up at all, and when I do I shove my desk back so I can lean my head on the wall and listen to my iPod, but I...

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