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Amy Lee

Multimedia journalist and writer

Location icon United States

Hi, I'm Amy Lee.

I'm a journalism graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University currently working in communications and marketing.

Find my bylines at VCU Capital News Service, iPadJournos, and Seoulbeats.


Published Works

House panel shelves bill to help 'suitcase children'

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) - They call them the "suitcase children" - youngsters who are shuttled back and forth between their parents' homes amid messy divorce and custody battles. Regardless of which parent finally emerges victorious in court, the child loses time with friends, involvement in school activities and a sense of stability at home.

The Progress
Del. Aird appointed to House Appropriations Committee

The 30-year-old Democrat is a representative of the 63rd House District RICHMOND - Del. Lashrecse Aird of Petersburg made headlines last legislative session as the youngest woman elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. This session, Aird is making news again for her appointment to the powerful House Appropriations Committee.

SWVa Today
Song of the Mountains gets nod to become state's official TV series

Virginia has square dancing as the state folk dance and milk as the state beverage. Now it may boast Song of the Mountains as the state television series. On Thursday, the Senate passed a bill to add the bluegrass concert TV program to Virginia's official list of emblems and designations.

Assembly Passes Bill to Allow Sale of 151-proof Liquor

The General Assembly has given final approval to a bill that would allow the sale of 151-proof liquor in Virginia — a choice available in almost all other states, but one some fear could increase binge drinking and other problems on college campuses.
'Crazy about Joe' Why Richmond voters love Morrissey

RICHMOND, Va. - In Richmond's Southside, just off of German School Road, drivers stopped their cars and rolled down their windows when they spotted Joe Morrissey walking door-to-door. Other people came out of their homes on Seaman Road to chat with the attorney turned mayoral candidate known by many as "Fightin' Joe."
How next mayor plans to help RVA drug addicts recover

RICHMOND, Va. -- Facing Richmond's opiate epidemic, seven of the mayoral candidates pledged support for drug addiction and mental healthcare solutions at a recent forum of the McShin Foundation. "Someone mentioned we have to break the stigma of addiction," Richmond mayoral candidate Jon Baliles said.

Free Downloadable Wedding Budget Checklist | WeddingDresses

Weddings are a costly affair but if you're reading this, you're already aware how much money it takes to throw a memorable event. The very first step towards a financially responsible wedding is to take an honest look at your available finances and set a fund for your big day.

Sunny Hill's Peter Pan Complex in "Child in Time"

A universal truth: growing up isn't all it's cracked up to be. Between the long hours of toil, fading friendships, and dreams dulled by realism, it's hard to remember exactly why adulthood was so coveted in our young age.

Megan Lee, Soul Shop, and Lawsuits

Adding to the long list of lawsuits (this year ain't over yet), YouTube star turned solo singer Megan Lee made headlines recently for requesting a contract termination from Soul Shop Entertainment. What captured the media's attention, however, was not the actual lawsuit in itself, but the mess of finger-pointing and mud-slinging that transpired between the two parties.

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