Amy Qi

Student and Writer

Location icon United States

Amy is currently a senior at NYU studying Global Liberal Studies with concentrations in Business, Law, and Chinese. She has written everything from blog posts to short stories to guest interviews to event coverages. Aside from writing, Amy is also passionate about music, sneakers, and shamelessly, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

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Declutter Your Wardrobe, Improve Your Life 5 Tips To Keeping Clean | Wardo | Fashion App

Summer is officially here! With that comes storing away the coats and the sweaters and bringing out summer essentials like shorts, rompers, and dresses. As you're going out with the old and in with the new, here are a few wardrobe decluttering tips that aren't limited to the summer season, but are here to help improve your life on a daily basis.

Big Apple vs. Small Shanghai

As my third week at NYU Shanghai approaches, I'm thankful to have finally settled into a routine, familiarized myself with the best eats nearby and stopped getting lost around campus. NYU Shanghai consists of exactly one academic building - you'd think getting lost wouldn't be an issue, but with 17 levels and elevators that only stop at certain floors, getting lost is a lot easier than you'd think.

Popular Fresh Food Chain Now NYU Shanghai's Cafeteria Vendor

Their paninis, salads and smoothies have won over discriminating diners from Xintiandi to Wujiang Lu. Now Sproutworks, a popular restaurant chain with five locations in Shanghai and Beijing, is bringing some of its most popular menu items as well as traditional Chinese home cooking to 1555 Century Avenue.

NYU Shanghai Hosts Workshop on Holocaust Studies

This week, scholars from around the world gathered on campus to discuss and present new research at NYU Shanghai's first-ever workshop on Holocaust studies. Co-hosted by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) and the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum (SJRM), the workshop focused on the role the city and people of Shanghai played in harboring Jewish refugees during World War II and the lasting legacy of that act of generosity.

Foreign Experts and the Making of Global China

Historian Julian Gewirtz came to NYU Shanghai November 28 to share his research on the history of how foreign experts influenced the early stages of China's reform and opening-up, which marks its 40th anniversary in December.

Max Bork '17 Offers Tips As First NYU Shanghai Boren Fellow

This spring, Max Bork '17 became the first NYU Shanghai student to win a Boren Fellowship from the United States government. He is using his award to pursue a master's degree in international studies from the Johns Hopkins University - Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies (HNC), a US-China joint venture graduate school in Nanjing.

Kai-Fu Lee At NYU Shanghai: Love Is What Differentiates Us From AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be reshaping the world by automating routine and repetitive work, but compassion, creativity and strategic thinking will remain in heavy demand, leading venture capitalist and AI guru Kai-Fu Lee explained to a packed NYU Shanghai auditorium on Sept 11.

Professor Zhang Zheng to Head Amazon's New AI Lab in Shanghai

NYU Shanghai Professor of Computer Science Zhang Zheng has been appointed Director of Amazon Web Services' (AWS) newly-opened Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Lab, where he will lead the company's advanced research and development of deep learning. AWS made the announcement on September 17 at the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai, shortly after Zhang, a U.S.