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You have a Big Idea. You want the world to know. But words sometimes fail you.

—What should I say about my product/service/organization?

—How can I use SEO to turbocharge my website?

—What if I'm too braggy or boring or wordy on social media or in marketing emails?

—What if I come up empty (again) when it's time for my next blog post or newsletter?

Don't have the answers? It doesn't matter. Give up and get ready to share your powerful marketing message with the right audience—in words they understand and will act upon—without ever writing a thing. Get Amy Lemley.

I learn your language. I learn theirs. I write the words that make your point, persuade your audience, and help you meet your mark.

Get me to write websites, landing pages, case studies, blog posts, ebooks, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and posts, product descriptions and catalog entries, newsletters, brochures, press releases, white papers, grant proposals, nonfiction books, value propositions, mission and vision statements, and anything else you need to get right.

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The Sweet Revenge Company (spec ad)
Revenge Tastes Like Chicken

This ad for a sassy novelty gift purveyor presumes each initial order will prompt at least one more. It's a win win win. Launch scheduled for fall 2024.

Cornell University School of Hotel Administration (brochure)
Dress-for-Success Program Goes Big Red at Cornell

An upbeat print piece prompts donations to Big Red Threads, a program that provides gently used business clothes to students in need. Students ready to look the part learn what’s available from this young professionals’ clothing closet.

Boar's Head Inn and Resort (tagline)
Pinpointing the Pleasures of This Four-Diamond Luxury Hotel

A fresh tagline paints a multisensory picture that entices new and returning guests to this AAA Four Diamond country hotel. I also rewrote its 140-page website and countless quintessentials like the cursive ones you see here.

William & Henry Wide Plank Floors (catalog + website)
"What story will you tell about your floors?"

Investing in custom wood floors is not about the finish or durability, but the story you enjoy telling visitors who admire their warmth and beauty. A website expanded on the booklet with additional wood species and accompanying stories.

Misfits Market (spec ad campaign)
Cut these fruits a break with Misfits Market

Misfits Market is changing the way consumers feel about "imperfect" fruit. This proposed ad campaign brings personality to so-called damaged goods.

American Academy of Pediatrics, Georgia Chapter (13 monthly one-pagers)
American Academy of Pediatrics Creates Valuable Asset for Clinicians

GA-AAP added value to its membership with this 13-topic safety series, with one version for clinicians and one for parents. MDs used them to educate and build rapport with families during office visits.

Virginia Bar Association magazine (advertisement)
Top Workplace Law Expert Touts Unbiased Investigations

Advertorial style made the most sense for this employment attorney seeking to educate fellow lawyers about the unbiased investigations they should commission before responding to complaints.

The Museum Company catalogs (product copy + related content)
Recounting History Entices Customers to Connect and Buy

Each catalog entry includes both a product description and an "Explore the History" popup: an engaging, meticulously researched backgrounder to clinch the sale. Clients included the Smithsonian Institution museums, the Rose Planetarium, and the Newport Preservation Society, among others.

Web Content

The Holsinger condominiums (branding + website + sales sheet)
All 16 Luxury Units Sell Before Client Even Breaks Ground

Nothing distinguished the parking lot where this building would stand. All I had to sell was a lifestyle. Using historic photos by a legendary local photographer and naming the building for him added personality and appeased antigrowth locals.

Camryn Limousine, Seasonal Tours (website section)
Limousine Company Creates Four-Season Tour Options

Creating seasonal tourism ideas specific to the Charlottesville-Albemarle region broadens this limousine company's appeal beyond its usual wedding/airport/funeral demands.

Don Mann, Motivational Speaker (website)
Distinguishing a Hero from a Sea of Navy SEAL speakers

In a world surprisingly full of former Navy SEALs-turned-motivational-speakers, this site emulates this hero's relentless push beyond excellence with bold statements and big promises.

Blog Posts

The Miller Firm attorneys at law (ghostwriting: blog post)
Law Firm Attracts and Informs Talc-Related Cancer Victims

Frequent updates on the Johnson & Johnson® ovarian cancer lawsuits were designed to attract plaintiffs toward filing individual suits with this firm versus joining a sea of victims in an impersonal class action suit.

Cathedral Stone Products (ghostwriting: blog post)
Company’s Products Help Preserve 1960s NYC Skyscraper

In 1966, this 31-story I.M. Pei-designed building was heralded for its Brutalist architecture and innovative poured concrete construction. Fifty years later, it needed help.

Cathedral Stone Products (ghostwriting: blog post)
Hands-On Demo at Historic Site Draws New Customers

Contractors and preservationists learn why only products engineered specifically for historic stone restoration make an "invisible" masonry repair possible.

Case Studies

U. of VA Darden Business Publishing, Darden Graduate School of Business (research/writing: teaching case study)
MBA Schools Worldwide Use This Starbucks Case in Class

This case study explores leadership turnaround by examining what happened when Starbucks' Howard Schultz came out of retirement, closing thousands of stores in an effort to right the ship.

Articles & White Papers (ghostwriting)

Personal Branding

Copywriter & Web Content Specialist (LinkedIn profile)
Since You Asked... Here's My Own LinkedIn Profile

Make your banner count. Use professional photos. Craft a tagline that says more than just your job title. Speak in first person. Show what they get when they get you. Bolster all of it with evidence (resume, samples, posts, reposts, comments....)

Tech manager (LinkedIn profile)
SaaS Project Manager Describes What Makes Him Tick

LinkedIn is at its most effective when it gets personal, and drilling down to core characteristics is the key to the sharp, engaging profile bio. My process extracts the right info and then returns pithy, engaging text. (A resume revamp was part of this project.)

Book Collaboration

Routledge & CRC Press (developmental editor + section co-author)
Positive Organizing in a Global Society: Understanding and Engaging Differences for Capacity...

As managing editor, I honed the work of 22 scholars, researched and wrote all section introductions, and co-wrote one chapter. This book unites the latest research in diversity, inclusion, and positive organizational scholarship (POS), to investigate diversity and inclusion dynamics in social systems. Comprised of succinct chapters from thought leaders in the field, this book covers both micro- and macro-levels of analysis, covering topics such as authenticity, mentorship, intersectional...

Avon Books (co-author)
The Can-Do Eating Plan for Overweight Kids and Teens: Helping Kids Control Weight, Look Better,...

As co-author, I transformed a pediatric nutritionist's clinical program into a how-to that parents (and older kids) can understand and follow. This subject matter expert has a simple mantra: Let kids be kids. Children deserve to enjoy the special snacks and treats that make childhood fun. She demonstrates how to balance healthy eating with occasional goodies is enough to slow a child's weight gain down as growth continues.

Serendipity Press (co-author)
All the Riches of Job: A True Story of Success, and What Came After

I found the voice of this hardworking rags-to-riches multimillionaire, writing both this memoir and a follow-up and becoming his ghostwriter go-to anytime the press wanted an interview. He was a prominent business leader and I was his Cyrano through 18 years of print interviews and speeches.

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