Amy Hadassah

Technical Writer


I am a Technical Writer for Tech & SaaS companies. I blend copywriting and technical expertise to translate complex tech concepts into engaging narratives. I craft content that educates, resonates, and drives action.

Web Security Basics: How to Safeguard Your Digital Presence.

This guide explores the foundational principles of online safety. This article aims to arm you with the essential knowledge and practical steps to secure your digital assets in an age where cyber threats are more complex and pervasive than ever.

5 Essential Skills for Aspiring Product Managers.

The success of any product lies on product managers, as they serve as a vital link between engineering, design, and business teams. As a result, a product manager must have many talents to succeed in this challenging position. In this article, we'll...

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Welcome to my Technical Writing Portfolio on GitHub! This repository showcases my skills in explaining complex technical concepts in an easily understandable manner. Whether you're an employer, a fellow writer, or someone keen on learning, this repository offers valuable insights into my communication abilities in the tech world.


In this portfolio, you'll find a demonstration of my technical writing capabilities through a hypothetical project—a FitSphere Fitness Tracking App user manual. This endeavor showcases my proficiency in crafting comprehensive and user-friendly documentation.

Top 10 Tools for Technical Writers in 2023

In an increasingly technology-driven world, the ability to communicate complex information clearly and effectively is more important than ever. This is where technical writing comes into play. As a specialized form of writing, technical writing is de...

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Understanding Functions in C Programming

Understanding "Functions" in C Programming. One term consistently stands out in the programming world: "function". For seasoned developers and those just starting, mastering functions is a cornerstone for writing effective and efficient code. But let's unpack what a function truly is. A Real-...