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I am a mother of two children, a former preschool teacher, and a business woman pursuing my passion for writing, digital media, and entrepreneurship.

I have experience writing articles on parenting, education, special needs, small business, family, health, finance, and more.

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Reader's Digest

Things Not to Say to Parents of Children with Autism | Reader's Digest

These comments may seem innocent enough, but they can strike a nerve with those who have children on the spectrum. Nicole Fornabaio/, enterlinedesign/shutterstock Autism...


5 Simple Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

It's easy to want to go all out when marketing your small business. The bigger, the better, in terms of launching your small business with an awesome start from advertising,...


8 Reasons To Vaccinate, 8 Reasons To Not

It's no secret that whether to vaccinate babies and children or not is one of the most highly-debated parenting topics. Those for vaccinations say that they have helped...

The Work at Home Mom

What I've Learned from Being the Mom of a Cochlear Implant Kid

Each year, as the anniversaries of my son's cochlear implant surgeries approach and pass, I am filled with emotions as I think of how far he has come and the strides he's made...


Selling A Home? Here's the Full Guide on How to Sell Your Own Home

Overview: Selling A Home? What You Need to Know on How to Sell Your Own Home Selling homes is not typically an easy or quick process for anyone. Depending on where a home is...

It Takes a Village

When a Role Model Turns Out to be NOT Perfect

I have a deaf child and it's important to me to find role models for him; not necessarily only ones who are deaf, but anyone who has overcome an obstacle despite being disabled...


15 Reasons Parents Worry About Their Kid's Bratty Behavior

A bratty kid can leave her parents wondering what they did to deserve her behaviors. "Did we spoil her too much as a young child?". "Did we not lay down the rules clearly...

The Work at Home Mom

The Best Jobs for Introvert Moms - The Work at Home Mom

If you're like me, you're a shy mom. You prefer to be in the company of...well...yourself. And that's okay. There is nothing wrong with you. But it can make finding a job a...


15 Things You Didn't Know About Brad And Angelina's Kids

Love them or hate them, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are one of the most sought-after couples in Hollywood. And they have, perhaps, the most interestingly cultured brood of...


Opening a Bank Account For a Baby | 2016 | What You Should Know

Overview Opening a bank account for a baby can be confusing. Why would a newborn need a bank account? What are the benefits? How do you begin saving for your baby's future? And...

The Work at Home Mom

Improve a Child's Reading Skills in 10 Sneaky Ways

Reading is a task that is unfortunately just not as interesting to today's children as it used to be. Do the children you know willingly grab a book to read or look at? Most...


10 Best Work at Home Jobs for Moms

YES, it is! So, you want to work at home? As a mom myself, I know how important it is to spend as much time as you can with your children. Luckily, there are tons of work at...

It Takes a Village

A Beginner's Guide to Using Essential Oils

I was introduced to dōTERRA essential oils by a coworker about a year ago. I had heard of them before and was intrigued, but honestly very lost when it came to how to use them...

It Takes a Village

Must-See Places in Dublin Ohio #IrishIsAnAttitude #SoDublin

This post has been adapted from my previous blog, The Breezy Mama. All photos and words are my own. I recently had the opportunity to visit Dublin Ohio with my two children for...

It Takes a Village

The Deafness Feud

This post has been adapted from my previous blog, The Breezy Mama, originally posted in 2013. All words and photos are my own. Before my son, Ren, was diagnosed with severe to...

It Takes a Village

What I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then: Lessons to Myself 10 Years Ago

This was originally posted on my previous blog, The Breezy Mama, on January 17th, 2015. All photos and words are my own. Do you ever have one of those reflective moments where...