Ameerah Sanders

Freelance Writer

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Never been one for fancy 5 dollar words (although I can use them). My take on writing is that it should be accessible--even conversational. Writing for me has always been about being understood; being able to connect with those around me. After getting my BFA in English at Mizzou, I realized that my writing--fiction or non-fiction--is meant to open doors.

Primarily, I'm a script writer. If you need a commercial script or a short film type advertisement that's my forte. However, given my adaptability I can write anything you want*. I do stand-up comedy on the side and write my own material. That means, if you want writing that connects with people through humor I'm your girl. Don't believe me? Ask the 5 people at my last dive bar show, they loved it.

*Unless it's finance or something math-y. I was an English major and avoided taking Math until my Junior year. It scares me.


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The Tempest
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