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Amanda Graff is a Marketing Communications Manager with more than 15 years’ experience in social media, website content creation, editorial, email marketing, branding and collateral development. She currently works for a Mississauga-based civil engineering company that specializes in subsurface utility engineering, utility locating, concrete scanning, infrastructure inspection and near-surface geophysics.

She has authored numerous articles on behalf of her company that have appeared in publications including ReNew Canada, Construction Comment, Trenchless Technology, Grand Valley Construction Journal, Building & Construction Canada and Canadian Underground Infrastructure.


Published Articles

Canadian Underground Infrastructure
multiVIEW Locates celebrates 30 years

multiVIEW Locates Inc. (multiVIEW), a leading professional services firm that specializes in utility locating, announced the 30th anniversary of the company's inception. For the past three decades, multiVIEW has supported safe construction practices throughout the province by offering a diverse...

Heavy Equipment Guide
Seeing the big picture

Ground Penetrating Radar provides critical insights for maintaining & rehabilitating Canada’s aging roads and bridges

multiVIEW Locates Inc.
Dig Without Danger | multiVIEW

In the latest issue of Utility Contractor Magazine, Kevin Vine, President of multiVIEW describes a step-by-step process for safe excavation that includes planning ahead, marking your site, respecting the marks and communicating effectively. This approach helps to greatly reduce risk...

Nondestructive Pavement Assessment

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) reveals deterioration, cracking, delamination, corrosion and other factors that may otherwise remain undetected. Within Canada and the U.S., bridges and roads are rapidly aging. Moreover, coming up with the funds necessary each year to replace and repair essential infrastructure is an ongoing challenge.

ReNew Canada Magazine
What Lies Beneath

Exploring Subsurface Utility Engineering and its application to the Union Station Revitalization project

ReNew Canada Magazine
On the Road to Rehabilitation

Describing the role of non-destructive technology in aiding Canada's infrastructure challenges

Case Studies

multiVIEW Locates Inc.
Mapping topographic contours on a frozen pond | multiVIEW

Challenge multiVIEW was retained to determine the topographic contours of the bottom of a pond in Brampton, ON using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).The main objective of the investigation was to assist the ongoing bathymetric survey by estimating bottom elevations, and...

multiVIEW Locates Inc.
Conductivity Monitoring in a Regional Landfill | multiVIEW

Background multiVIEW was retained to carry out Borehole Electromagnetic Induction Logging for a Regional Landfill. The primary objective of the survey was to measure electromagnetic responses in a series of monitoring wells located within the landfill property and adjacent properties,...

multiVIEW Locates Inc.
Real-Time Subsurface Data Empowers Safe Excavation | multiVIEW

Challenge Harrington & Associates, a construction management company based out of Richmond Hill, was carrying out renovations at an industrial warehouse in North York and needed to ensure that no buried utility services existed where excavation and sawing was planned....



Blog Posts

multiVIEW Locates Inc.
multiVIEW turns 30! | multiVIEW

This year, multiVIEW celebrates a milestone birthday after three decades of providing utility locating services throughout Ontario. And wow, have we seen a lot of changes over the years! Some of these changes created both growth and new opportunities for...

multiVIEW Locates Inc.
Staying safe in tick bite season | multiVIEW

Working outdoors particularly in southern Ontario in wooded bushy areas or tall grass can pose a risk of incurring a tick bite. Tick bites are often harmless, in which case they don't cause any noticeable symptoms. However, tick bites can...

multiVIEW Locates Inc.
National Day of Mourning - April 28, 2018 | multiVIEW

By: Carmen Capitano, NCSO, GSC, Health, Safety & Training Manager Saturday, April 28th is the National Day of Mourning in Canada. This day is dedicated to remembering those that have lost their lives, suffered injury or developed an illness due...

multiVIEW Locates Inc.
Staying safe when the temperature soars | multiVIEW

By: Carmen Capitano, GSC, NCSO, Health & Safety Manager The temperature is soaring and this year in Ontario, summer weather is predicted to continue into September and October. Though this is a welcome change after a long, cold winter, summer...

multiVIEW Locates Inc.
April is Dig Safe Month! | multiVIEW

April is officially Dig Safe Month in Ontario. The Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance (ORCGA) has dedicated this month, which coincides with the spring season, to raise awareness of safe digging practices in order to improve safety and reduce damages...

multiVIEW Locates Inc.
Safety tips for working in winter weather | multiVIEW

It's been a cold, snowy winter so far, and there's no sign of it letting up! Despite harsh conditions, the show must go on and those who work outdoors face unique Health & Safety challenges. Here are some tips for...

multiVIEW Locates Inc.
Happy Clean Air Day! | multiVIEW

Happy Clean Air Day! On this day, and every day of the year, multiVIEW Locates Inc. recognizes environmental sustainability as a key component of sound business performance. As such, we are committed to providing our services in such a way...

multiVIEW Locates Inc.
Dig Safe: Construction Safety in the GTA | multiVIEW

multiVIEW was honoured to participate in the Dig Safe: Construction Safety in the GTA event, organized by the Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance (ORCGA). The event, which was held last Friday at the Toronto City Hall Council Chamber brought together...


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