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I'm a journalism major and film minor at EWU. A&E Editor for The Easterner. I believe in the power of storytelling, no matter what platform it takes. Everyone has a story. I'd love to hear yours.

The Easterner
Diversity Week sets stage for uncomfortable topics

Most people tend to run from what makes them uncomfortable, and this year's Diversity Week is about facing a certain kind of discomfort. This is the third year EWU will host Diversity Week. Diversity Week, May 20-22, welcomes students, faculty and staff to expose themselves to other cultures, experiences and people.

The Easterner
Turn up the 'Volume'

Crowds will gather in Spokane from May 30-31 to experience a musical buffet and turn up the "Volume" with the Inlander's music festival. Eighty bands, from local bands to regional musical talents within the Pacific Northwest, will perform to an expected large audience at eight different venues in downtown Spokane.

The Easterner
"A Man of No Importance" presents a refreshing musical

"A Man of No Importance," directed by EWU alumnus Jadd Davis of the Coeur d'Alene Summer Theatre, explores themes of self-acceptance, identity, shame, sin and most importantly, love. The audience is transported to 1940s Ireland where the cast is clad in retro costumes. The women can be seen in bright, polka dot patterns or plaid...

The Easterner
Eastern Africana Studies director beats cancer, battles injustice

After a near-death experience many years ago, Scott Finnie, Ph.D., director of the EWU Africana Studies Program, has a deeper motivation to live out a meaningful life and help further equality. It began when he received two startling diagnoses in 2000. He had cancer outside of his liver and a disease, primary sclerosing cholangitis, that...

The Easterner
Teaching the Movement urges change in civil rights education

In 2011, Washington state received a bad grade on its report card. A report published by the Southern Poverty Law Center gave Washington State an "F "on its civil rights history education curriculum for grades K-12. This prompted Noah Leavitt, Associate Dean of Students, Social Engagement, from Whitman College to contact educational consultant Kate Shuster,...

The Easterner
Slam poetry rattles emotions

A hush settled over the crowd when the first poet dominated the stage at The Bartlett, a live music venue and bar, on Feb. 16 for the monthly Spokane Poetry Slam. A holler emanated from the back, followed by an inside joke that all the regulars seemed to know.

The Easterner
Terrain: Spokane's creative kaleidoscope

The outside of the warehouse looks abandoned, but there is plenty of action inside. People are coming and going, tools are strewn about, art installations are pieced together and several dust pans are lying around. The preparation is for Terrain, an art exhibit showcasing a kaleidoscope of local creativity that includes music, spoken word poetry,...

The Easterner
Finding a Balance: A student perspective

There is one episode of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" when Will pretends to be a single dad attending university. The single dad role allows him to be an eligible bachelor. Suddenly, all the girls are cooing at his baby and he is getting their numbers.

The Easterner
EWU Honor's Director doing the unimaginable

Dana Elder, Ph.D., director of the Honors Program at EWU, never imagined in his youth that he would one day be a professor. "I thought the one thing I would never do is teach. I was not kind to my teachers. Probably difficult to imagine a young male who thinks he knows everything," said Elder....