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CEO and CoFounder at Loveawake

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Reach for the sky and when you reach it, keep going. In addition to his roles here at LA Media Ltd, also does marketing and SEO for bloggers, freelancers and start-ups. He believes in the power of the self, entrepreneurship, and giving yourself the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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5 Body Language Turn Offs | blog

It's been said that 70 percent of all communication is nonverbal. At Loveawake blog, we consistently preach that your body language is one of the most important things in your social game. When you're chatting up a lady, your body language speaks a lot louder than your words. blog
10 Best Breaking Up Songs | blog

If you are suffering from heartache, you need to add some of the 10 best breaking up songs to your playlist. Most people think of angry female artists when they think of break up music, but the death of a relationship is also a very popular topic for male artists. blog
Seduction Guide For Married Men | blog

Here's a seduction guide for married men. Seducing your wife used to be a piece of cake in the earlier stages of your marriage. All it took was a naughty text message, a sexy voicemail or something as simple as a slow, lingering kiss on that extra-sensitive spot on her neck. blog
How To Make It Up To Your Girl | blog

If you've made a mistake in a relationship, you need to know how to make it up to your girl. It's not hard to let your lady know you're sorry (After all, making up is a lot more fun than the alternative). As long as you come from a pure heart (and the mistake is ... blog
Labels in a Relationship | blog

Labels in a relationship - is there anything more confusing - or generally weight baring - you could encounter when everything is so new and wonderful? You meet your Mr. (Or Ms.) Charming, and it couldn't be more perfect. After a few dates, you find yourself really letting this person in, sharing your inner most secrets, ... blog
How To Pick Up a Woman in the Supermarket | blog

It seems a lot of guys must have this romantic comedy vision of meeting their future wife at line in Whole Foods, because I keep getting the same question "How do I pick up a woman in the supermarket?" When it comes to meeting a woman in a place like Whole Foods you need to ... blog
Casual Encounters: Strangers Connecting on Craigslist | blog

"Casual Encounters" are hardly casual, due to the risks involved meeting with complete strangers. Yet thousands of people around the world are safely connecting with others on Craigslist for discreet sexual experiences. Even now, someone somewhere is posting their message within this category of the Personals section, detailing exactly the kind of man or woman ... blog
Keeping Secrets in Relationships: Do's and Don'ts | blog

Keeping secrets can be the downfall of a relationships but that isn't to say that sometimes secrets aren't a good thing. Sometimes you learn something that sends up red flags and tell you it's time to cut and run, other times it helps you get to know and love them better. blog
How To Talk To Kids About Divorce | blog

Learning how to talk to kids about divorce is a sensitive task and must be handled properly. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 50% of children live in a single-parent home because of divorce or separation. Without proper counseling, children often become the innocent victims of their parents' conflicts.